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Juvenile indicted as adult in Farmville triple homicide

Posted August 27, 2012

— A Pitt County grand jury has indicted a 15-year-old in a triple homicide at a Farmville convenience store, authorities said Monday.

Raekwon Blount will be tried as an adult on three counts of first-degree murder and other charges.

Three employees of the Hustle Mart were shot and killed during an April 1 robbery, authorities said.

Mokbel Mohamed "Sam" Almujanhi, 16, was the son of the store owner, and the other two victims, Nabil Nasser Saeed Al'mogannahi, 26, and Gaber Alawi, 24, were also relatives.

Antwan Andre Anthony, 29, Xavier Montel Shamble, 19, and Willie Whitehead, 23, were also charged with murder in the case. Zipporah Rochell Purvis, 25, faces three counts of being an accessory after the fact.


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  • delilahk2000 Aug 28, 2012


  • connieleigh4 Aug 28, 2012

    I agree with "eoglane"! Save those tax dollars and go straight to sentencing and carry out the death penalty! That will send a message to all the other gang bangers out there! Do the crime, do the time!

  • eoglane Aug 28, 2012

    Dealth Penalty. Do not put in prison so tax payers have to support them. They stole lives, take theirs.

  • newborn _may18 Aug 28, 2012

    mommytoasweetgirl - What these "kids" did is heinous and evil, and spiritually depraved. Prayer is not a substitute for justice. I think it a travesty if they are not executed, not for vengeance, but justice. To not execute is to value their lives above the lives that they stole. Repentance does not remove the wages of sin, their crimes still need to paid, they are still accountable for their actions.

  • mjlt3 Aug 28, 2012

    The Death Penalty! Their act of violence was "senseless"!!! Life in Prison is to good.

  • lumberman Aug 28, 2012

    mommytoasweetgirl. I do not know what you are on but you had better stop using it. These people killed 3 innocent hard working men. Hard work is something the 4 charged in this case no nothing about. Robbing and stealing now that is what they know. They should all get the death penalty and it should be carried out in front of a crowd in downtown Farmville 24 hours after the sentence is handed down.

  • warbirdlover Aug 28, 2012

    An all expence paid trip to beautiful Turkey. I like it.

  • storchheim Aug 28, 2012

    Turkey or China sounds good to me too. Or Mexico. Hey we could work out a trade deal: you send us your criminals, we send you ours! Only ours will be delivered to your prison, not swimming and running, but we can work out the reciprocating arrangement later.

    Perhaps the country from which the victims originated would like to take them and see what they can make of them?

  • NCSU84 Aug 28, 2012

    Good for the the jury! Maybe this will deter some teenages from crime?? I doubt it though. Easy money trumps all until they get caught!

  • SFSOLDIER Aug 28, 2012

    Great idea, outsource prisons! Send them to Vietnam to do their sentences...wow, what an idea!