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Just the Basics weekly deals: Milk, peanut butter and more!

Posted May 19, 2016

Just the Basics

Here's your weekly list of the best basic grocery deals on eggs, cheese, milk, meat, produce and more.

There are some super buys on milk, eggs, cheese and more!

Sale Dates

Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion, Aldi, Kroger and Carlie C’s deals are valid through May 24, 2016. These deals run Wednesday through Tuesday.

Abbreviations used below include:

CC = Carlie C’s

HT = Harris Teeter

LF = Lowes Foods

FL = Food Lion

RA = Rite Aid

WG = Walgreens

DG = Dollar General

Please post any other favorite basics deals in the comments section below!


Aldi: L’oven Fresh hot dog or hamburger buns, 8 count, .69 – great price

Aldi: L’Oven Fresh 100% whole wheat hot dog or burger buns, 14 – 15 oz, $1.29

HT: Arnold bread, 24 oz, BOGO for $2.14 each - .55/1 coupon from 5/1, 3/6 or 2/7 SS (DND)

LF: French bread from the bakery, $1.49

LF: La Banderita gluten free corn tortillas, 16 oz, $1.50

LF: Sub rolls from the bakery, 4 count, $1.99

LF: Thomas’ English muffins, 12 oz, BOGO for $2.15 each


HT: Harris Teeter shredded cheese, 8 oz, BOGO for $1.59 each

Kroger: Kroger or Birds Eye vegetables, select, 8 – 16 oz, $1.00

LF: Tetley tea bags, 24 count, BOGO for $1.10 each - .75/1 coupon from 5/1 SS = FREE!

LF: Pictsweet Deluxe or Steamables vegetables, 8 – 12 oz, $1.00


HT: Tetley tea, iced tea blend round tea bags, 6 oz., BOGO for $1.19 each - .75/1 coupon from 5/1 SS = FREE!

HT: Old Orchard Healthy Balance juice cocktail, 64 oz, BOGO for $1.12 each - $1/2 printable coupon from oldorchard.com = .62 each

HT: e-vic deal: Harris Teeter orange juice, 64 oz, .77 – great deal, limit 2

HT: e-vic deal: Community Coffee, 12 oz, $3.57 - $2 coupon from Hopster.com = $1.57 – great deal!, limit 2

LF : Eight O Clock coffee, 11 – 15 oz, $3.33 - $1 coupon from 5/1 SS = $2.33


Kroger: Kroger milk, 1 gallon, $1.99


HT: e-vic deal: Harris Teeter eggs, large, 18 count, $1.77, limit 2

Kroger: Kroger eggs, 18 count, $1.99



Special Meat Buy: Jennie-O fresh 85% lean ground turkey, 48 oz, $5.99

Special Meat Buy: Fresh boneless pork butt roast, $1.69/lb

Pork spareribs, fresh, $1.99/lb

Kirkwood frozen chicken breasts, 48 oz frozen, $5.49

75% lean ground beef patties, 3 lb, frozen, $6.99

Parkview beef franks, 15 oz, $1.99

Parkview bun length hot dogs, 3 lb, $2.99

Food Lion

Food Lion whole chickens, (every day price), .99/lb

Boneless pork loin, $1.99/lb

Boneless center cut pork chops, $2.49/lb

Nature’s Place boneless skinless thighs, $2.49/lb

Ground beef patties, 73/27, $3.79/lb

Food Lion fish fillets, 12 oz, $3.99

Chuck eye steak, $4.99/lb

Nature’s Place pork back ribs, $4.99/lb

Boneless Denver steak, $4.99/lb

Inland Market Atlantic salmon fillet, 10 oz, $4.99

T-Bone steaks, $6.99/lb

Food Lion raw shrimp, 16 oz, $6.99

Gwaltney roll sausage, 16 oz, $1.50 - $1/2 coupon for breakfast sausage from 4/17 SS

Smithfield bacon, 16 oz, BOGO for $2.74 each      

Nathan’s beef hot dogs, 11 – 14 oz, $2.99

Carl Buddig deli tubs, 16 oz, $3.88 - .50/1 coupon from Smartsource.com recently

Carlie C’s

Boneless chicken breast fillets, $1.68/lb

Beef boneless shoulder roast, $2.58/lb

Garner Only Sale: Stew beef, family pack, 4 lb or more, $2.78/lb

Pork baby back ribs, $2.98/lb

Boneless beef family pack shoulder steak, $2.98/lb

Stew beef, boneless family pack, $2.98/lb

Top blade steak family pack, beef, $3.18/lb

Whole beef ribeye, Carlie C’s Better Value, $5.98

John Morrell meat franks, 12 oz, .88

John Morrell smoked sausage, 7 oz, .88

Gwaltney sliced bacon, 12 oz, $3 - $1/2 coupon from 4/17 SS = $2.50 each

Butterball smoked turkey sausage, 14 oz, $2.50 - .75/1 coupon from Butterball.com or .55/1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link above

John Morrell smoked sausage, 2 lb, $3.68

Oscar Mayer meat bologna, 16 oz, BOGO

Bryan meat bologna, 12 oz, BOGO

Harris Teeter

Fresh fryer chicken, cut-up, .99/lb

Smithfield Boston Butt pork roast, $1.29/lb, limit 2

Harris Teeter pork butt steaks value pack, $1.49/lb

Smithfield St Louis pork spare ribs, $3.77/lb

Beef bone-in chuck steak, $3.97/lb

Harris Teeter 93% lean ground turkey, 20.80 oz, $3.99

93% lean ground beef, $3.99/lb

Opah steaks, $4.99/lb

Tilapia fillets, $5.99/lb

Snow Crab clusters, $5.99/lb

EZ Peel shrimp, $5.99/lb

NY Strip Steak or Steakhouse roast, $7.99/lb

Harris Teeter meatballs, 16 oz, $2.50

Smithfield bacon, 16 oz, BOGO for $3.99/lb

Perdue frozen chicken, breaded, select, 18 – 29 oz, $5.99


Heritage Farm chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag, $3.90 (.39/lb)

Pork Boston Butt, bone-in, $1.69/lb

Perdue boneless chicken breasts, fresh, $1.88/lb – good price

Pork chops, assorted, bone-in, value pack, $1.99/lb

Pork spareribs, $1.99/lb

Fresh ground chuck, 80% lean, value pack, 3 lb package, $10.47 ($3.49/lb)

Simple Truth natural ground turkey, 93% lean, 16 oz, $3.50

Boneless chuck roast, beef, $3.99/lb

Angus boneless top sirloin steaks, beef loin, value pack, $5.99/lb

Flat Iron steaks, beef shoulder, $5.99/lb

Simple Truth natural pork tenderloin, $5.99/lb

Tilapia fillets, or Cod fillets, $5.99/lb

Ribeye steaks, bone-in, $6.99/lb

Jumbo white shrimp, 2 lb bag, $15.98 ($7.99/lb)

Gwaltney Great hot dogs, 12 oz, $1.00

Hillshire Farm smoked sausage, 12 – 14 oz, $2.50 - .55/1 coupon from 4/10 RP (exp 5/22)

Gunnoe’s breakfast sausage or bacon, 10 – 16 oz, $1.99

Nathan’s beef franks, 10.5 – 14 oz, $3.49

Lowes Foods

Smithfield southern style pork ribs, family pack, $2.19/lb

Perdue boneless chicken breast, family pack, BOGO for $2.99/lb

Ground chuck, 80% lean, $3.99/lb

Cod Fillets, $5.99/lb

Raw Argentine jumbo shrimp, 2 lb bag, BOGO for $13.99 each

Hormel Natural Choice lunch meat, 8 oz, $3.79 - .50/1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link above = $2.79

Greenfield hot dogs or bratwurst, 12 oz, $2.99


Kroger: Ragu pasta sauce, 16 – 24 oz, $1.50 - $1 coupon from 5/15 SS = .50 – super deal

Kroger: Kroger peanut butter, 15 or 16 oz, .99 – super price



Cucumbers, .39 each

Red onions, 2 lb bag, .78

Little Salad Bar flat leaf spinach, 8 oz, .99

Tomatoes on the vine, 24 oz package, $1.19

Portabella mushroom caps, 6 oz, $1.29

Multi-colored peppers, 16 oz, $1.29

Food Lion

Cucumbers, .69

Tomatoes on the vine, $1.49/lb

Organic basil, .75 oz, 1.79

Fresh Express salad blends, 6 – 11 oz, $2

Blueberries, pint, $2.00

Cantaloupe, $2.50

Honeydew melons, $2.99

Nature’s Place organic gala apples, 24 oz, $2.99

California cherries, $3.99/lb

Carlie C’s

Corn, 2 for $1

Vidalia onions, .69/lb

Red tomatoes, .89/lb

Peaches from SC, $1.29/lb

Russet potatoes, 5 lb bag, $1.99

Red seedless grapes, $1.99/lb

Fresh Express romaine, 9 oz $2.00

Harris Teeter

Cucumbers, from GA, 2 for $1

Yellow onions, .50/lb

Navel oranges, .60 each

Vidalia onions, from GA, .79/lb

Sweet potatoes, from NC, .89/lb

Kale, 1 bunch, from NC, .99 each

Mangoes, $1 each

Eastern peaches, large, from SC, $1.49/lb

Farmers Market shredded lettuce, 10 oz, $1.50

Fresh Express romaine, 9 oz, $1.99

Hot house tomatoes, $1.99/lb

Sweet blueberries, pint, $2.99

Red potatoes, 5 lb bag, $3.49

Sweet cherries, $3.99/lb

Organic strawberries, 16 oz, $3.99


Sweet corn, .33 each – 20% off Savingstar cash back offer

Cucumbers, .49 each

Organic kiwi, .59

Vidalia sweet onions, .99/lb

Zucchini or yellow squash, .99/lb

Broccoli crowns, .99/lb

Hass avocados, .99 each

Mangos, .99 each

Romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, .99

Green beans, $1.29/lb

Organic whole carrots, $1.49

Russet baking potatoes, 4 count, $1.99

Kiwi, 1 lb bag, $1.99

Strawberries, 16 oz, $2.00

Blueberries, pint, $2.99

Organic blueberries, 6 oz, $2.99

Whole seedless watermelons, $4.99

Lowes Foods

Vidalia onions from GA, .99/lb

Sweet potatoes, from NC, .99/lb

Extra large mangoes, $1.25

Mushrooms, 8 oz, $2.00

Fresh Express salad mix, 9 oz Italian or 11 oz American, 42.50

Russet potatoes, 5 lb bag, $2.50

Blackberries or raspberries, 6 oz, $3.50

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  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper May 19, 2016

    Em2s - thanks for your feedback! I am so glad the list is helpful. I have really tapered it back to mostly include the fruits, veggies, meat, bread and dairy. There are just so many coupon items from all the stores each week that it becomes too long a list to be useful when I include those as well. I'm glad this format works for you.

  • Em2s May 19, 2016

    Faye - Love this weekly list! It helps me focus on whole foods and ensures I efficiently 'catch' the best buys for my weekend shopping trip.
    Thank you very much for all the detail you provide through each of your SmartShopper posts! Your blog is a valuable tool in keeping to the family budget.