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Just the Basics best weekly deals!

Posted June 27, 2014

Just the Basics


Here's the weekly list of good sale prices for the basic grocery and non-food items at our various grocery and drug stores for this week including meat, dairy, produce, bread, eggs, toothpaste and more. Please add any other great deals on basics that you find!

For additional deals, please see the individual store posts on the blog.

Sales Dates

CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens deals are valid through June 28, 2014.
These deals run Sunday through Saturday.

Carlie C’s deals are valid through June 29, 2014.
These deals run Monday through Sunday.

Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion, Aldi and Kroger deals are valid through July 1, 2014.
These deals run Wednesday through Tuesday.

Abbreviations used below include:

CC = Carlie C’s
HT = Harris Teeter
LF = Lowes Foods
FL = Food Lion
RA = Rite Aid
WG = Walgreens



HT: The big news this week is that Harris Teeter is offering their fabulous Super Doubles promotion! They are doubling coupons that are $2 or less so a $2 coupon doubles to $4.00! For all the details and the very long list of deals, click on the Harris Teeter deals link above. The many super doubles deals are not included in the list below.

LF: Kraft Promotion: Buy any 10 participating items and get $5 off at the register instantly! You are basically getting 50 cents off per item and there are some great deals with this promotion! Here are the better deals from the ad:

Kroger: New Great American Savings Event Promotion: Buy 6 participating items and get $3 off at the register instantly. You are basically getting .50 off each item. Here are some of the deals from the ad:


Aldi: Sweet corn, 4 pack, .99 – good price

Aldi: Strawberries, 16 oz, $1.19 – good price

Aldi: Portabella mushroom caps, 8 oz package, $1.29 – good price

Aldi: Blueberries, pint, $1.49 – good price

Aldi: Seedless or Seeded watermelon, whole, $3.99 – good price

CC: Limes, 5 for $1

CC: Vidalia, white or yellow onions, .79/lb

CC: Fresh Express salad, various, $1.25

CC: Mushrooms, 8 oz, $1.69

CC: Red potatoes, 5 lb, $2.99

FL: Navel oranges, .59 each

FL: Green peppers, .79 each

FL: Russet potatoes, .79/lb

FL: White onions, .89/lb

FL: Mangoes, .89 each

FL: Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples, .99/lb – 20% SavingStar cash back offer (good price)

FL: Cantaloupe, $1.99 each

FL: Fresh Express or Dole salad Mix, 9 – 12 oz, select, $2

HT: Cucumbers from NC, .59 each

HT: Vidalia onions from GA, .99/lb

Kroger: Yellow peaches, .99/lb – good price

Kroger: Yellow or Zucchini squash, .99/lb – good price

Kroger: Vidalia onions, .99/lb

Kroger: Mini sweet peppers, 16 oz bag, $1.99

Kroger: Watermelon, whole seedless, $3.77 – good price

Kroger: Cherries, $3.99/lb

Kroger: Organic strawberries, 16 oz, $2.50

LF: Limes, 3 for .99

LF: Vine ripe tomatoes, $1.99/lb

LF: Fresh Express salads, 9 – 12 oz, select, $2.00

LF: Cherries, Northwest, $2.47/lb


Aldi: Pork spare ribs, $1.99/lb

Aldi: Assorted pork chops, thin sliced, $2.99/lb

Aldi: Ground beef, 80% lean, $3.49/lb

Aldi: Ground beef patties, 85% lean, 3 lb package, $8.99

CC: Chicken drumsticks, wings and thighs, combo pack, $1.38/lb

CC: Catfish nuggets, $2.58/lb

CC: Bone in Beef chuck roast, $3.18/lb

CC: Bone in chuck steak, $3.38/lb

CC: Stew beef, family pack, $3.58/lb

CC: Valleydale hot dogs, 12 oz, .99

CC: Louis Rich turkey or meat hot dogs, 8 oz, $1

CC: Armour hot dogs, 12 oz, $1.00

FL: Chicken leg quarters, .69/lb

FL: Chicken breast, boneless, value pack, $1.99/lb

FL: Chicken wings, value pack, $1.99/lb

FL: Ground beef, 73% lean, $2.49/lb

FL: St Louis style ribs, $2.49/lb

FL: Smithfield ham steak, $2.99/lb

FL: John Morrell smoked sausage, 7 – 9 oz, $1.19 each

FL: Oscar Mayer beef or cheese franks, 14 – 16 oz, $2.50

FL: Food Lion Tilapia fillets, 48 oz., $9.99

HT: Smithfield baby back ribs, BOGO for $3.14/lb - $1/1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link above recently

HT: Smithfield whole boneless pork loin, $2.97/lb

HT turkey burgers, 16 oz package, $3.00

HT ground beef, 93% lean, $3.99/lb

HT: Ball Park franks, 15 oz, BOGO for $1.99

HT: Ball Park beef franks, 15 oz, BOGO for $2.67

Kroger: Heritage Farm chicken drumsticks or thighs, .99/lb

Kroger: Pork back ribs, $2.99/lb

Kroger: Ball Park meat franks, 15 oz., $1.50

LF: Ball Park franks, meat, turkey and beef, BOGO for $2 to $2.70 each

LF: Oscar Mayer white turkey, 16 oz, BOGO for $2.25 each


CC: Better Valu orange juice, 59 oz, $1.79

CC: Borden cheese singles, 12 oz, $2.00

CC: IGA orange juice, 1 gallon, $2.50 – good price

LF: Philadelphia cream cheese, 8 oz block, $1.50 - .50 promo discount (when you buy 10 participating items) = $1 each – good price


HT half & half, 16 oz, $1.66

Kroger, whole milk, ½ gallon for $1.97

HT: Silk Almond Coconut Blend, 64 oz, $3.89 - $1.50/1 coupon from 6/15 RP AND $1.50/1 HT ZVR = FREE!

The HT Express Lane shows Highland Crest Milk regularly priced at $3.49 per gallon.

HT chocolate milk , 1 gallon is on sale for $3.99 this week.


Check your Harris Teeter Friday e-Vic e-mail for a possible deal on HT eggs for .67 per dozen. I did not get this deal, but at least one person on the blog posted that she got it.

LF: Eggland’s Best eggs, 18 count, $2.99 - .35/1 coupon from 5/11 SS

Aldi: The recent everyday price on their eggs has been $1.59 per dozen


FL: My essentials frozen vegetables, 32 oz., $1.97

Misc. Grocery

CC: Phillips pork & beans, 16 oz, 3 for $1

CC: IGA pork & beans, 15 oz can, .69

CC: Jif peanut buter, $2.00

HT: Nabisco crackers, various, BOGO for $2.14 - .75/2 coupon from 5/18 SS (expires 6/28) = $1.39 each

Kroger: General Mills cereals, select, $1.99 - .50 promo discount (when you buy 6 participating items)
Coupons: .60/1 Lucky Charms coupon on, .50/1 cash back offer for Lucky Charms, $1.10/2 coupon from, $1/2 coupon from 6/1 SS
Total for Lucky Charms after promo discount, printable coupon and SavingStar offer = .39

Kroger: Kroger vegetables, canned, select, .66 each

LF: Kraft BBQ sauce, $1 - .50 promo discount (when you buy 10 participating items) AND $1/2 coupon from 5/11 SS = 2 for FREE!

LF: Planters peanut butter, $2.50 - .50 promo discount (when you buy 10 participating items) AND $1/2 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link (and possibly a coupon in the 6/29 SS insert) = $1.50 each (good deal for pb)

Walgreens: Van Camp’s pork and beans 15 oz, 2 for $1 with in-ad coupon, limit 4

Walgreens: Jif peanut butter, 2 for $4


HT: Arnold Thins bread, BOGO for $1.94 - $1/2 coupon from 5/11 and 3/30 SS = .94 each – good deal

HT: Check your Friday e-Vic e-mail for a possible deal on HT hamburger or hot dog buns for .77 per package. I did get this deal.

Kroger: Kroger buns, 8 count, select, $1.00


CC: Pepsi, 2 ltrs, .99

CC: IGA soda, 12 pack 12 oz cans, 4 for $10

CC: Pepsi products, 12 pack cans, 4 for $10 – good price for Pepsi!

FL: Coke, 2 ltr, .99

FL: 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry products, 2 ltr, .99 each - $1/2 coupon for TEN varieties from Smart Shopper coupons link recently

FL: My essentials soda, 3 ltr, $1.15 each

FL: Pepsi products including Mt Dew, 12 pack cans, $2.50 – good price

FL: Coke products, 6 pack bottles, $2.50

HT: HT cola, 2 ltr, .77 - $1/2 HT ZVR digital coupon = .27 each

Kroger: Big K sodas, 12 pack cans, 5 for $10 (must buy all 5 at same time)

LF: Mt. Dew 2 ltr, .99

LF: Nabisco Ritz crackers, select, BOGO for $2.25 each - .75/2 coupon from 5/18 SS (expires 6/28)

Walgreens: Nice soda, 2 ltr, .79, limit 3

Walgreens: 7UP, A&W, Sunkist, Canada Dry, Hawaiian Punch, 2 ltr sodas, .88 each with in-ad coupon, limit 3

Walgreens: Pepsi products, 2 ltr, 4 for $4



FL: Arm & Hammer Laundry detergent, 43.75 or 50 oz, $1.99 - $3/2 coupon from 6/8 SS = .49 each – excellent deal!

CC: Better value bath tissue, 12 regular rolls, $1.79

CC: Better valu paper towels, 8 regular rolls, $2.99

CVS: Colgate Optic White toothpaste 3.5 oz, rise 8 oz or toothbrush, 1 count
Sale: 2 for $6
Extrabucks: $3 reward when you buy 2
Coupons: $1/1 coupon for the rinse from 6/1 SS, .75/1 toothpaste coupon from 6/15 SS
Total after 2 of the $1 coupons = 2 for $1 (.50 each – good deal)

CVS: Xtra laundry detergent, 30 loads, $2.49 - $1 coupon from in-store kiosk = $1.49

CVS: Huggies diapers, pull-ups, GoodNites, jumbo pack, Little Swimmers
Sale: 2 for $18
Coupons from
Possible $1.50/1 ibotta cash back offer
Also part of gas card promo this week

CVS: Pampers diapers, jumbo pack
Sale: $8.99
Coupons: Various $1.50/1 coupons from Smart Shopper coupons link above
Also part of gas card promo this week

Kroger: Colgate toothpaste, select, 4.6 oz, $1.49 - .50 promo discount (when you buy 6 participating items) AND .75/1 coupon from 6/15 S (expires 6/28) = .24

LF: Purina dog chow, select, $10.99 - $1 coupon from 5/18 RP = $9.99

RA: Huggies jumbo pack diapers, $9.49
+UP: $1.50/1 reward, limit 2 offers
Coupons from
Possible $1.50/1 ibotta cash back offer

RA: Crest 3D White Toothpaste, Oral B manual toothbrush
Sale: $3.49
+UP: $2.50, limit 2 offers
Coupon: $1/2 or .50/1 Crest coupons from 6/1 PG, $1/1 Oral B toothbrush coupon from 6/1 PG
Total after .50 coupon and +UP = .49
Total after $1 coupon and +UP = FREE!

RA: Irish Spring Gear body wash, 15 oz., bar soap 6 pack, Speed Stick Gear deodorant or body spray
Sale: 2 for $8
+UP: $2 +UP when you buy 2
Coupon: $1/1 body wash or bar soap coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link above, $2 Speed Stick deodorant coupon from 6/15 SS
Total after reward and 2 coupons = 2 for $2 ($1 each)

RA: Finesse hair care, Aqua Net hairspray or Prell shampoo
Sale: 2 for $4
+UP: $2 +UP when you buy 2
Total after +UP = 2 for $2 ($1 each)

Walgreens: Ban Total Refresh cooling body cloths 10 count or Ban deodorant 2.6 oz
Sale: 2 for $5
BR: 1000 reward point when you buy 2
Coupon: $2/1 Refresh coupon from 6/1 SS, .75/1 deodorant coupon from 6/1 SS
Total after 2 of the $2/1 coupons and reward = 2 for FREE!


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  • jdouglas13 Jun 28, 2014

    Thanks for all your hard work putting this list together every week for us!!

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Jun 27, 2014

    FYI - according to the Walgreens sneak preview ad, milk will be $3.39/gallon starting Sunday, limit 2.