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Just the Basics best deals

Posted May 2, 2013

Just the Basics




Here is the long weekly list of good sale prices for the basics at our various grocery & drug stores including milk, meat, produce, eggs, bread, coupon items & more. This list includes deals from the sales ads, with a few regular priced items included. Please add any other great deals on basics that you find!



Sale Dates

CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Kroger deals are valid through 5/4.
These deals run Sunday through Saturday.

Carlie C’s deals are valid through 5/5.
These deals run Monday through Sunday.

Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi deals are valid through 5/7.
These deals run Wednesday through Tuesday.

Abbreviations used below include:

CC = Carlie C’s
HT = Harris Teeter
LF = Lowes Foods
FL = Food Lion
RA = Rite Aid
WG = Walgreens

Please post any other favorite basics deals in the comments section below!


HT: Smart Balance milk, ½ gallon, BOGO for $2.09 - $1.50/1 coupon from 4/14 SS = .59  - great price!

Kroger milk, ½ gallon, $1.77


Kroger: Sara Lee honey wheat bread, 20 oz., $1.50

HT: Harris Teeter English muffins, BOGO for $1.39

HT: Harris Teeter wide pan bread, 24 oz., $1.74

HT: Thomas’ bagel thins, BOGO for $1.94

LF: Bolillo rolls or telera rolls, 6 count, BOGO for $1.25

LF: Thomas’ mini bagels, BOGO for $2.00


FL: My essentials large white eggs, 18 count, $2 (same as paying $1.33 for a dozen – not a great deal – Aldi was $1.19/dozen last time I checked)


Aldi: Avocados, .59 each – very good deal (Food Lion has them for .50 each)

Aldi: Lettuce, .69 each (may only be iceberg lettuce at this price)

Aldi: Mangoes, .69 each

Aldi: Sweet onions, .79/lb

Aldi: Roma tomatoes, .89/lb

Aldi: Limes, 1 lb bag, $1.19

Carlie C’s: Oranges, 4 lb bag, $2.49 - only at New Bern Avenue and Garner Station Blvd locations

Carlie C’s: Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag, $2.99 - only at New Bern Avenue and Garner Station Blvd locations

Carlie C’s: Kiwi fruit, 3 for $1 – good price

FL: Limes, 5 for $1

FL: Sweet corn, 3 for $1 – decent price right now

FL: Hass avocados, 2 for $1.00 – very good price! It’s guacamole time!

FL: Large lemons, 2 for $1

FL: Cucumbers, 2 for $1 – good price

FL: Sweet potatoes, .59/lb

FL: Mangoes, .79

FL: Roma tomatoes, .79/lb – very good price

FL: Fresh Express shredded lettuce or slaw mix, $1.50 - .55/1 coupon from 3/10 SS

FL: Red, green or romaine lettuce, $1.29 each – good price (Kroger has them for .99)

FL: Vidalia onions, 5 lb bag, $1.99 – .50 printable coupon

HT: Lemons and limes, 2 for $1.00

HT: Navel oranges, 2 for $1.00

HT: Kiwi fruit, .69 each

HT: Organic green onions, .79

HT: Cucumbers, .79 each (.50 at Food Lion)

HT: Mangoes, .99 each

HT: Green peppers, .99 each

HT: Strawberries, 1 lb, BOGO for $1.99

HT: Fresh Express Hearts of Romaine, 10 oz., $2.50 - .55/1 coupon from 3/10 SS

HT: Red potatoes, 5 lb bag, $3.99

HT: Vidalia onions, 5 lb bag, $2.99 - .50 printable coupon = $1.99 (if it doubles)

Kroger: Whole pineapple, .99 each – good price!

Kroger: Blackberries, 6 oz., .99 – good price

Kroger: Mangoes, .99 each

Kroger: Roma tomatoes, .99/lb – good price

Kroger: Apples including Gala, Fuji and red delicious, .99/lb – good price

Kroger: Iceberg, romaine, red or green leaf lettuce, .99 – good price

Kroger: Greens including collard, kale and mustard, .99/lb

Kroger: Vidalia sweet onions, .99/lb

Kroger: Kroger russet potatoes, 5 lb bag, $1.99

Kroger: Sweet corn, 6 for $2

Kroger: Organic mini peeled carrots, 16 oz., $1.69

LF: Roma tomatoes, .99/lb – good price (.79/lb at Food Lion this week)

LF: Green Snap peas, .99/lb

LF: Mangoes, $1.00 each

LF: Asparagus, $1.77/lb – good price

LF: Vidalia onions, 3 lb bag, $1.99 (better deal at Food Lion)


Carlie C’s: Fresh fryer thighs or drumsticks, .98/lb - only at New Bern Avenue and Garner Station Blvd locations

Carlie C’s: Chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag, $6.80 (.68/lb – very good deal!)

Carlie C’s: Pork spare ribs, family pack, $1.98/lb

Carlie C’s: Bone-in beef chuck roast, $2.78/lb

Carlie C’s: Stew beef, family pack, $2.98/lb

Carlie C’s: Boneless sirloin steak, $4.18/lb

Carlie C’s: Gwaltney meat franks, $1.09 - .55 from 4/28 SS

Carlie C’s: Gwaltney bologna, $1.39 - .55 from 4/28 SS

FL: Chicken leg quarters, 10 lb bag, $6.90 (.69/lb – very good deal)

FL: Boneless chicken breast, value pack, $1.79/lb – very good price

FL: Assorted pork chops, bone in , $1.99/lb

FL: Chuck roast boneless, $2.99/lb

FL: Tilapia fillets, $3.29/lb – good price for tilapia

HT: Boston butt pork roast, Smithfield, .99/lb, limit 2

HT: Bone in pork steaks or Pork Boston butt country style ribs, $1.29/lb

HT: 93% lean ground beef, $3.77/lb

Kroger: Boneless chicken breasts, value pack, $1.99/lb – good price

Kroger ground chuck, 3 lb roll, $2.99/lb

Kroger: Gwaltney bologna, 12 oz or hot dogs 16 oz., $1.00 - .55 coupon from 4/28 SS = .45

LF: Boneless chicken breast, Sanderson Farms, family pack, $1.97/lb – good price

LF: Fresh pork spareribs, family pack, $1.97/lb

LF: Ball Park franks, meat, turkey or beef, BOGO for $1.85 - $2.70
Coupons: $1/2 coupon available recently or .75/1 printable coupon for lean varieties available on their Facebook page
Total for Lean pork variety (on sale for $2.15) after .75 coupon = .65 (good deal for these!)
Total for Lean beef variety (on sale for $2.40) after .75 coupon = .90 (good price for beef franks!)

Dairy & Frozen

Aldi: Belmont fat free sherbet, 48 oz., $1.99

HT: Sister Shubert’s Sweet Hawaiian Rolls, soft dinner rolls, soft pretzel rolls, BOGO for $2.14 - .50 coupons from All You magazine April and May, .75/1 coupon from 3/24 SS = .64 with .75/1 coupon

Kroger cheese, 12 – 16 oz., $2.99, American singles, 24 count, $2.99 (like paying $1.50 for the 8 oz – decent deal)

LF: Wholly salsa, $2 - $1 printable coupon on their website = $1.00 (we really like their salsa)

Misc. Grocery

HT: McCormick taco or seasoning mix, Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price .85
Total for 5 = $1.70 - .50/2 coupon from 4/28 RP AND .50/2 HT ZVR digital e-coupon = 4 cents each!

HT: New York Texas Toast Croutons, $1 - .40/1 coupon from 4/7 SS = .20 (we like these in soup, on salads and in my breakfast casserole!)

HT: Mario olives, BOGO for as low as .84 - .30 printable coupon from their website = .24

Harris Teeter enchilada sauce, 10 oz., BOGO for .74

HT: Ken’s salad dressing, 16 oz., Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular $3.49, Total for 5 = $6.98 ($1.40 each)
Coupon: Possible $1 coupon in 5/5 SS
Coke products, 6 pack, .5 ltr bottles, Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price $4.69. Price for 5 = $9.38 ($1.88 each)

HT: Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal, 14.5 oz., BOGO for $2.19 - .75/1 coupon from 4/14 RP = .69 (excellent price for my favorite cereal!)

HT: Skippy peanut butter, 15 – 16.3 oz, BOGO for $1.74 (good deal these days for Skippy)

Kroger peanut butter, 16 – 18 oz., $2.00


Carlie C’s: Pepsi products, 2 ltr, .79 – only at New Bern Avenue and Garner Station Blvd locations

CVS: Pepsi, 2 ltr., .99

FL: My essentials soda, 2 ltr., .83

Kroger orange juice, 1 gallon, $2.99


Carlie C’s: Surf laundry detergent, 100 oz, $2.99 - $1 coupon from 4/7 RP = $1.99 – only at New Bern and Garner locations

CVS: Zyrtec, 5 count, $6 - $6 coupon from 4/28 SS = FREE!

CVS: Xtra laundry detergent, 30 loads, $1.99

CVS diapers, training pants, jumbo pack, $4.99 - $1 Extrabucks reward = $4.99

FL: Xtra laundry detergent, 175 oz (very big container!), 2 for $10 - $2/2 coupon from in-store coupon kiosk = 2 for $8 ($4 each is the same as paying $1.14 for the 50 oz – a great deal!)

FL: Home 360 baby diapers, 20 – 50 count, $5.59

HT: Ivory soap, 3 pack, $1.75 - .50 coupon from 4/28 PG AND .50/1 HT ZVR digital e-coupon = .25

HT: Tampax Radiant, 16 count, $3.99 - $1.50 coupon from 4/28 PG AND $1.50 HT ZVR digital e-coupon = .99 (good price)

HT: Vidal Sassoon shampoo or conditioner, $2.50 - .75/1 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link in box above AND $1.00/2 HT ZVR digital e-coupon = .50 each (good deal!)

HT: Yourhome sandwich bags, 50 count resealable, $1 (good price)

HT: Edge or Skintimate shave cream, 7 oz, $2.50 - .55/1 coupon from 4/21 SS = $1.40

HT: Finish gelpacs, 20 count, BOGO for $2.89 - $1.25 coupon from 4/21 SS = $1.64 – very good price

HT: Angel Soft bath tissue, 12 double rolls, $4.99 - .55 printable coupon from their Facebook page = $3.89

Kroger: Crest toothpaste, select, $2.69 - $1 promo discount AND $1 coupon from 4/28 PG = .69

Kroger: Pantene Pro-V shampoo or conditioner, $3.59 - $1 promo discount AND $3/2 coupon from 4/28 = $1.09 each

RA: Zyrtec, 5 count, $6 - $6 coupon from 4/28 SS = FREE!

RA: Clear Eyes eye drops
Sale: $4.99
+UP: $3.00 reward
Coupon: $1 coupon from www.cleareyes.com AND use the $1 Video Values store coupon from riteaid.com
Total after both coupons and reward = FREE!

RA: Xtra laundry detergent, 2 for $6 - $2 reward when you buy 2 = $2 each

WG: Zyrtec, 5 count, $6 - $6 coupon from 4/28 SS = FREE!

WG: Colgate Max White or Fresh toothbrush, Colgate Total Advanced, Kids, Max Clean, Fresh or White toothpaste
Sale: $2.49
RR: $1 Register Rewards
Coupon: $1 coupon for Total Advanced toothpaste from 4/14 SS, .50 coupons from 4/28 SS
Total after RR and coupon = .49 and up

WG: Scope, 25 – 33 oz, $2.99 - $1 Register Rewards AND $1 coupon from 4/28 PG = .99

WG: Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick, 2 for $4 – BOGO coupon from 4/28 D SS - $1 each

WG: Xtra laundry detergent, 30 loads, 2 for $3 – very good deal

Pet Care

FL: Purina dog chow, select varieties, 16 – 20 lb, $10.99 - $1 coupon from 3/17 RP = $9.99



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  • KIDDZA May 2, 2013

    Haarris Teeter boneless chicken breast @ meat counter $1.99 all day long...fresh not frozen...two are enough for this family of four....el cheapo!!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 2, 2013

    Thanks for the apple deal, thosig!

  • thosig May 2, 2013

    3 lb bag of Red delicious apples on sale for $2.99 at FL. We eat several apples a day at our house so we have to buy a bag at least every week!
    Not sure if the sale was listed in any ads but it was at the FL on Lake Boone Trail.
    And thanks Faye for all you do!

  • jdouglas13 May 2, 2013

    dina, you are in for a very fun and profitable adventure! As Faye said, ask away for any questions you have. We are very newbie friendly :)

    Faye, this list is awesome, as always. Thanks for the many hours of your hard labor that go into it.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 2, 2013

    jacalynt - the ad does indicate that the chicken on sale for $1.79/lb is boneless. You can see the ad here:


    If you live outside of the Triangle, you may have a different chicken sale at your Food Lion. $1.79/lb is way too much to pay for bone-in chicken.

    You may want to check your receipt and see if you were charged for bone-in or boneless. They may have had the chicken signed wrong at the store.

  • jacalynt May 2, 2013

    I believe that the chicken breast for $1.79/lb at Food Lion is not the boneless. I bought it yesterday and it was bone-in.

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper May 2, 2013

    Dina, Welcome to couponing! I am so excited for you! Both Harris Teeter and Lowes FOods have an online shopping portal called Express Lane. You can click ont he online shopping link on their websites to search for the products in your particular store. You'll have to pick your store and then you can search for the item. You do not have to actually buy anything via the online site. I use it to search for deals all the time. Sometimes a newer product will be in the store but not yet listed in the Express Lane. If you found a coupon for a new product, it may not be in any of our stores. As far as the other stores, your best bet is to ask here on the Share the deals and questions post to see if anyone has seen the product and in what store or simply head to the store to look for it. You can also call the store customer service to ask and they can check for you. Hope that helps!

  • dinaschweisthal May 2, 2013

    Hi Faye,

    I have been learning so much from this blog! I used coupons for the first time, semi-successfully last weekend. I did find that I had "clipped" several that I could not find in the store. How do I know what the stores sell or which brands they carry?