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Just the Basics best deals 10/11

Posted October 11, 2012

Just the Basics


Here is your weekly list of good sale prices for the basics at our various grocery & drug stores including milk, meat, produce, eggs, bread, coupon items & more. This list includes deals from the sales ads, with a few regular priced items included. Please add any other great deals on basics that you find!

Kroger, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens deals are valid through 10/13.

Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Food Lion and Aldi deals are valid through 10/16.

Abbreviations used below include:

HT = Harris Teeter
LF = Lowes Foods
FL = Food Lion
RA = Rite Aid
WG = Walgreens

Please post any other favorite basics deals in the comments section below!


Kroger milk, ½ gallon, $1.59 (a decent deal if you only buy ½ gallons – not a good deal per gallon)


Kroger bread or buns, $1.00

LF: French bread at bakery, BOGO for $1.00

LF: Nature’s Own Whitewheat bread, 20 oz., $1.25


If you know of an egg deals this week - please post it in the comments section below.



Aldi: Sweet potatoes, 3 lb bag, .99 (great deal!)

Aldi: Pears, 3 lb bag, $1.49, (.50/lb is a great deal for pears!)

Aldi: Red or green grapes, 2 lb bag, $1.98 (.99/lb - good deal)

Aldi: Pumpkins, $2.99 each

Aldi: Happy Harvest cut sweet potatoes, 29 oz., $1

FL: Garlic, 2 for $1

FL: Tomatoes on the vine, .99/lb – great price!

FL: Dole or Fresh Express garden salad, 12 oz., $1.00

FL: Yellow onions, 3 lb bag, $1.79

FL: Russet potatoes, 5 lb bag, $2.50

FL: Navel oranges, 3 lb bag, $3.49

HT: Green cabbage, NC grown, .59/lb

HT: Green onions from SC, .69/bunch

HT: Green peppers, NC grown, .99

HT: Green acorn, butternut or spaghetti squash, $1.29/lb

HT: Strawberries, BOGO for $1.74 each

HT: Fresh Express spinach, 9 oz., $1.99

HT russet potatoes, 5 lb bag, $3.79

Kroger: Grapes, $1.29/lb

Kroger: Gala apples, $1.29/lb

Kroger: Red tomatoes on the vine, $1.29/lb

Kroger: Organic Bartlett pears, $1.39/lb

Kroger: Florida tangerines, 3 lb bag, $2.99

Kroger: Kroger gold or red potatoes, 5 lb bag, $3.99

LF: Sweet juice oranges, 4 lb bag, $1.97

LF: Russet potatoes, 10 lb bag, $2.97 – good price!


FL: Chicken leg quarters, .69/lb – good price

FL: Boneless skinless chicken breast, value pack, $1.99/lb (same as Lowes Foods Sanderson Farms)

FL: The Great Fish Co Tilapia Fillets, 3 lb bag, $9.99

HT: Tilapia fillets, $3.99/lb – good deal

HT: EZ Peel white shrimp, $4.99/lb

HT: Oscar Mayer franks, meat, beef or turkey varieties, BOGO for $1.64 - $2.27 each

Kroger: Split chicken breasts, .99/lb – good price

Kroger: Bar-S franks, 16 oz., $1.00

LF: Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Sanderson Farms, $1.99/lb – very good price!

LF: Ground beef, 80% lean, 2 lb package, $2.67/lb

LF: Boneless top sirloin steaks, $4.99/lb

LF: Butterball turkey bacon, 12 oz., $2.00 - .55/1 coupon from 9/9 RP = .90

Dairy & Frozen

HT: Yoplait yogurt, 6 oz.
Sale: .50 each
Coupon: .40/6 or .50/8 coupons from 10/7 SS
HT coupon: .40/6 T digital coupon
SavingStar: .40/6 Savingstar e-coupon credit
Total after all discounts = .23 each

HT: Danimals or 4-pack Activia yogurt
Sale: $2 each
Coupon: .75/1 Danimals Crunchers coupon available recently on Smart Shopper coupons in link above, .75/1 Activia coupon that was available in other parts of the country (I ordered mine from
Total after coupon and dale = .50 per package

HT: Yoplait Greek yogurt, 12 – 16 oz, $2.50 - .75 coupon from 10/7 SS = $1.00 per package (good deal for Greek yogurt)

HT: Superpretzel, 13 oz., BOGO for $1.64 to $1.77 - .50 coupon for cinnamon pretzels from All You Magazine October, $1/2 coupon from 9/30 RP
Total after .50 coupon = .77 each
There is also a $1/2 HT digital e-coupon available for Superpretzels making them .27 each after HT coupon and 2 of the .50/1 coupons.

HT: Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
Promotion: Buy 3 and save $3 at the register
Price: $2.45
Coupon: .75/3 coupon from 10/7 and 9/9 inserts
HT coupon: .75/3 HT digital coupon
Savingstar coupon: .75/3 savingstar e-coupon credit
Total for 3 after promo discount, manuf coupon, HT coupon and savingstar coupon = .45 each

Kroger: Kroger butter, 16 oz., $2.50 (my buy price is $2 or less, but this is a decent price if you are in need)

LF: Yoplait yogurt with granola or Go-Gurt
Sale: $2.50
Store coupon: $1/2 from ad 2 weeks ago
Manufacturer coupon: .75/1 Light with Granola coupon from 9/23 SS, .75/2 Go-gurt coupons from 10/7 and 9/9 SS inserts
SavingStar coupon: .75/2 SavingStar e-coupon credit for Go-Gurt
Total for 2 of the Yoplait light with granola after store coupon and 2 of the .75/1 manufacturers coupons = .50 each

LF: Pictsweet Steamables, 10 – 12 oz., BOGO for $1.10

LF: Mrs. T’s Pierogies, 16 oz., BOGO for $1.60 - $1/3 coupon from All You Magazine October = $1.27 each

Misc. Grocery

FL: My Essentials pasta sauce, 26 oz., $1.00

FL: My Essentials flour, 5 lb bag, $1.87

FL: Campbells chicken noodle or tomato soup, 10.75 oz., 5 for $3 - .40/4 coupon from 10/7 SS

FL: Ragu pasta sauce, 45 oz (big jar), $2.50 - $1/2 coupon from Smart Shopper coupons link in box above = $2 each

HT: Kraft Foods Promotion: Buy any 5 participating items for $8.00
Participating items include various Planters peanut butter, Triscuit, Wheat Thins, Kraft mac and cheese (looks like the Deluxe), salad dressing, Velveeta
Offer valid from 10/10/12 – 10/16/12 with your VIC card. All 5 participating items must be purchased in the same transaction. Limit 1 offer per transaction (you can do it multiple times during the week as long as you do separate transactions).
If you buy less than 5, each one rings up at $2
Total when you buy 5 = $1.60 each (a decent buy for the Planters peanut butter)

HT: Old El Paso shells, tortillas and dinner kits, Buy 4 get $5 off at register
Price: The taco shells are $1.99, tortillas are $2.59
Coupon: .60/3 coupon from 9/9 SS
HT coupon: .60/3 HT digital e-coupon
Savingstar: .60/3 Savingstar e-coupon credit
Total for 4 boxes of taco shells after promotional discount, manuf. coupon and HT coupon = $1.16 at the register for all 4 boxes AND then you get a .60/3 savingstar discount making them .14 each after all discounts!

HT: Betty Crocker potatoes, boxed, $1.69 - .50/2 coupon from 10/7 or 9/9 SS AND .50/2 HT ditigal e-coupon AND $3 off 3 promotional discount (details on their website) = .19 each!

HT: Harris Teeter black beans or kidney beans, 15 – 15.5 oz., .50 each

HT: Fiber One Brownies and bars, Nature Valley granola bars, GM Milk & Cereal Bars and GM Treat bars
Promotion: Buy 3 and save $5 at the register
There are many coupons available for these including .50/1 Fiber One brownies coupon from 9/16 or 8/26 SS, .75/3 coupon for Nature Valley and Fiber One bars from 10/7 SS
There is also a .40 Savingstar coupon for Fiber One brownies and a .40/1 HT digital coupon for the Fiber one Brownies
Total for 3 boxes of Fiber One brownies (at $3.59 each) after the $5 promo discount, 3 of the.50/1 coupons, .40 HT coupon AND .40 Savingstar coupon credit = $1.97 (.66 each!)

HT: Any General Mills cereal
Promotion: Buy 4 and save $6 at the register
Coupons: Various .60/1 coupons (including Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios) from and, $1/3 coupons from 10/7 and 9/9 SS,
HT coupons: .50/1 Cocoa Puffs HT coupon
Savingstar: .50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios coupon, .50/1 Cocoa Puffs coupon
Total for 2 Honey Nut Cheerios (12.25 oz on sale for $2.50) and 2 Cocoa Puffs (16 oz is $2.49) with 2 of the .60 coupons for cheerios and 2 of the .60 coupons for cocoa puffs AND $6 discount AND .50 Cocoa Puffs HT digital coupon = $2.28 (.57 each!)
Then you will also earn $1 in savingstar coupon credits making the total after all discounts .32 per box!

HT: Progresso soup, 18.5 – 19 oz., limit 10 total
Sale: Buy 2 Get 3 Free, regular price is $2.15 - $3.25 (must buy all 5 in same transaction)
Coupon: $1/4 coupon from 10/7 SS or 9/9 SS
HT coupon: $1/4 HT digital e-coupon (also known as ZVR)
SavingStar: $1/4 SavingStar e-coupon credit
Because you can only use this $1/4 manufacturers coupon when you actually buy 4, you have to get a total of 10 cans to use the $1/4 manuf coupon. You are buying 4 and 6 are free.
Total for 10 of the $2.25 cans after sale (where 6 are free and you only pay for 4) = $9
Total after sale, manuf coupon, HT digital coupon and savingstar coupon credt (once it is applied) = $6 (.60 per can – very good deal)
If you only get 5 cans and use just the HT digital coupon and savingstar coupon credit, the total is .63 per can (also a good deal)

HT: Mueller’s pasta, various, 12 – 17.6 oz., $1.00 - $1/3 coupon from 10/7 SS = .67 each (good deal)

HT: Muir Glen pasta sauce or tomatoes, 14.5 – 28 oz
Promotion: Buy 5 and save $5 at the register
Sale: tomatoes are $2.15 and pasta sauce is $4.19
Coupon: .60/1 coupon for any Muir Glen product on
Total for 5 of the cans of tomatoes with 2 coupons (you can use up to 2 printables of same coupon) = $3.35 (.67 each)

HT: Truvia sweetener, 40 count, $2.99 - $2 coupon from 9/16 RP AND .50 HT digital coupon = .49 (great deal if you use this product!)

LF: Betty Crocker frosting or cake mix
Sale: Frosting is $1.50, Cake mix is $1.25
Store coupon: $2.00 off 2 from ad 2 weeks ago
Coupon: .75/2 coupon for frosting from 10/7 SS insert
Total for 2 frostings, after store and manufacturers coupons = 2 for FREE!
Total for 2 cake mixes after store coupon = .25 each!

LF: Betty Crocker desserts including cookie mix, brownie mix, dessert bars
Sale: $2.00
Store coupon: $2 off 2 from ad 2 weeks ago
Coupon: .75/2 coupon from 10/7 SS insert (same coupon as frosting coupon)
Savingstar coupon: .50/1 Betty Crocker cookie pouch Savingstar ecoupon credit
Total for 2 cookie mixes after store coupon and .75/2 coupon and savingstar coupon = 2 for FREE!
Total for 2 dessert mixes after store coupon and .75/2 coupon = .25 each!



CVS: Pepsi, 2 lts, .99 - $1/2 Pepsi Next 2 ltr coupon from 9/20 Pepsico insert = .49 each

FL: My Essentials Soda, 2 ltr., .83

Harris Teeter cola or ginger ale, 2 ltr, .80 each

Kroger: Pepsi, 2 ltr, $1.00 - $1/2 Pepsi Next coupon from 9/30 Pepsico insert = .50 each

RA: Simplify soda, 2 ltr, .88



CVS: Crest 3D White, Pro-health, w/Scope, 4 – 4.2 oz toothpaste or Pro-Health rinse 8-8.4 oz
Sale: $2.99
Extrabucks: $2.00, limit 2
Coupon: .50 toothpaste coupon from 9/30 PG
Total after coupon and Extrabucks = .49

CVS: Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor or styler kit
Sale: $9.99
Extrabucks: $5.00
Coupon: $4 coupon shuld be in 10/7 RP insert
Total after coupon and Extrabucks = .99 – good price!

CVS: Huggies diapers, jumbo pack
Sale: $9.49
Extrabucks: $1.00
Coupon: $1.50 coupon for Little movers from 9/16 SS, $1 Huggies diapers coupon from 9/16 SS
Total after Little Movers coupon and Extrabucks = $6.99

FL: Scott paper towels 6 mega rolls or Scott Extra Soft Beth Tissue 12 double rolls
Sale: $4.99
Coupon: $1 coupon for bath tissue from 9/16 SS, .75 coupon for paper towels from 9/16 SS
Total after $1 coupon = $3.99

HT: LA Looks hair gel BOGO for $1.49 - $1 coupon from 10/7 RP = .49 each

HT: Scott Naturals paper towels, 6 rolls. $4.99 - .75/1 from 9/16 SS = $3.49

Kroger: Crest toothpaste, select, $1.00 - .50 coupon from 9/30 PG insert = FREE!

LF: Lowes Foods regular bleach, 128 oz., $1.25

LF: Oxy Clean stain remover, 21.5 oz, BOGO for $2.35 - .50 coupon from 8/19 SS = $1.35

RA: Sani-hands kids, 40 count, $2.99 - $2.99 single check rebate = FREE after rebate

RA: ThermaCare patch, 1 count, $3 - $3 in-ad coupon, limit 1 = FREE

RA: Colgate Total Advanced 4 oz. or Total toothpaste 4.2 oz., or Total manual toothbrush 1 count, Crest 3D White Arctic Fresh toothpaste 4 oz., Clinical or 3D White rinse 237 ml, Oral-B 5 way clean manual toothbrush 1 count
Sale: $2.99
+UP: $2.00, limit 2
Coupons: .75 Colgate toothpaste and .40 Colgate toothbrush coupon from 9/30 SS, .50 Crest toothpaste coupon from 9/30 PG insert
Total after .75 coupon = .24 – good deal

RA: Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor
Sale: $9.99
+UP: $4 +UP reward
Coupon: $4 coupon from 10/7 RP
Total after +UP and coupon = $1.99

WG: Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief or Advanced toothpaste
Sale: $3.99
RR: $3 Register Rewards
Coupon: .75 coupon from 9/30 SS
Total after coupon and RR = .24 – good price!

WG: Scott paper towels 6 rolls or Cottonelle bath tissue 12 rolls
Sale: $5
Store coupon: $1 coupon in monthly coupon book in stores
Coupons: .75/1 Scott coupon from 9/16 SS, .55/1 Cottonelle coupon in Smart Shopper coupons in link above
Total after $1 store coupon and .75 manufacturer’s coupon = $3.25

Pet Care

HT yourpet dog biscuits, 26 oz., BOGO for $1.49



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  • HighSpirits Oct 13, 2012

    Faye, along with your listing of $1.29/lb for Kroger on-the-vine tomatoes (which I bought), Food Lion has the same tomatoes for 99 cents/lb.

  • dpdunn Oct 12, 2012

    My Sunday eVic offer is for 30 eggs for $2.77. That works out to a little over 9 cents an egg, which is a pretty good deal.

  • needserenitytowin Oct 12, 2012

    The eggs I saw at Kroger had a date of 11-16-12 and later .

  • mt1190 Oct 11, 2012

    FL Ronzoni perfect portions pasta is BOGO at FL 1.79 use the 1dollar off 2 and and both for .79 cents.

  • Nancy Oct 11, 2012

    The Fiber One snack deal at HT was fabulous with coupon/ZVR and instant savings! Enjoyed that one as well as the Progresso Soups!

  • watchhillgirl Oct 11, 2012

    A broth made from the sounds awesome!! I am going to have to try that! That sounds sooo good. I love that the weather is getting colder for all of my soups! Yummmmm!!!

  • jdouglas13 Oct 11, 2012

    watchhillgirl -- yes!! The rind is awesome in soup and pasta sauce too. I think I even read a recipe once for a broth made from the rinds.

  • watchhillgirl Oct 11, 2012

    jdouglas13 I can't agree with you more. Real parmesean is just amazing. You don't need alot (less calories) and it pumps up everything! I like to use the rinds in soup too! Just pop one in (I keep them in a bag in the freezer) soup, and it adds so much flavor! Have you ever tried that?

  • newtoncus Oct 11, 2012

    eggs expire on Nov 1, 12 not bad.

  • jdouglas13 Oct 11, 2012

    I'm excited to see there are other parm reg fans here! I had always heard wonderful things about it, and first heard about it years ago when I learned how to cook watching Chef Tell on TV, but was skeptical that it could be that good. I was totally wrong! It was amazing, and after the first taste, you will never be able to go back to the other stuff. What's great about it is that it is so flavorful, you don't need a lot of it to add so much to a dish. And trust me, this price is amazing too!

    Faye, I know you are already an excellent cook. If you want to cook like Giada, all you need are a couple of her recipes! And if you'd like a sample of the reg parm, let me know. The stockpiling has already begun! ;)