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Jury Says Death for Slayer in Raleigh Stabbing

Posted July 9, 2007

— Jurors on Monday sentenced a Raleigh man to die for a 2005 stabbing death.

Byron Waring had been convicted of first-degree murder on June 28 for fatally stabbing Lauren Redman on Nov. 8, 2005. Jurors deliberated less than three hours Monday before agreeing on the death sentence, and Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner choked up as he handed it down from the bench.

Waring's relatives broke down in the courtroom, and Waring, who has shown little emotion during the two-week trial, also appeared shaken as he was led out.

Investigators said Redman was stabbed more than 20 times as she begged for her life inside her Raleigh apartment. Nonetheless, she managed to crawl outside and ask for help before she died.

In a taped confession, Waring said he and another man, Joseph Sanderlin, went to Redman's apartment to collect a debt owned to her former roommate, George Sasser. He told investigators that Sanderlin raped Redman and that they both stabbed her.

Sanderlin is charged with murder in the case, while Sasser is charged as an accessory after the fact. Both men will be tried later.

Prosecutors said the case warranted the death penalty because of the brutality of the slaying. Defense attorneys argued Waring's life should be spared, blaming his troubled childhood and the influence of those around him for the bad choices he made.

"The evidence was overwhelming. The facts were terrible. The evidence was laid out very clearly for them," Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby said.

The sentence marks the first time in six years that a Wake County jury has sentenced a defendant to death. In 2001, Fernando Garcia received a death sentence for the beating death of Juliann Bolt in the clubhouse of the Cameron Lake Apartments in 2000.

"(A death-penalty trial is) a very difficult thing for everybody. It's an emotional ordeal to prosecute them or to defend them. It's emotionally grueling and draining for the family of the victims, the family of the defendants," said Raleigh defense attorney Karl Knudsen, who wasn't involved in the Waring case.

The sentence also comes as questions about North Carolina's death penalty are tied up in the legal system. Court battles over a doctor's role in the lethal injection process have stopped executions since January.

"I think the law the case was tried under is clear. I think the sentence to death was clear. How the law is carried out is up to the appellate courts," Willoughby said.


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  • joey2 Jul 10, 2007


  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 10, 2007

    SpunkySouthernGirl42, you cannot be seriously comparing the few whites that black have killed with the millions of blacks that whites have murdered, lynched, raped, etc. with impunity. Get real!!

    As someone else stated: it may have been unequal years ago but not now. I am seriously tired of debating this issue because you aren't going to change your mind and I am not going to change yours or anyone else's who believes that whites are out to get blacks and that whites get off easy. I can talk until I am blue in the face about the discrimination I get but it doesn't count because it is not newsworthy. Enough said.

  • ranger1 Jul 10, 2007

    Finally a Wake County jury got one right!!! Thank you for a job well done. Sorry and reformed doesn't fix this one.

  • Network dude Jul 10, 2007

    I am glad some form of justice will be carried out. Although I don't think any form of punishment will do this freak of the human race justice. As for tooblessed, every time you read a story from now on, pretend everyone involved is purple. Then look at the punishment they get. You might be surprised to find out race isn't treated the same as it was in the 1960's. We've come a long way and people like you are the ones holding us back.

  • kodak digi cam Jul 10, 2007


  • kodak digi cam Jul 10, 2007

    Such a tragic case for all parties involved. But of course this isn't just an issue of race. People know what's right from wrong, regardless of how one was raised and in what enviornment. Mr. Sasser should have dealt w/ his personal problem he had w/ Ms. Redmon w/o the involvment of anyone else, whether it DRUG related or not. WHY HAVE WE NOT SEEN MUG SHOTS OF MR. SANDERLIN OR MR. SASSER? A race card can be thrown into an equation of this magnitude, but it's reality and a well known fact that here, in the south, below the Mason Dixon line and abroad, any and all BLACK men will pay the ultimate price for bringing any harm to the pure, innocent, porcelain white woman. In the words of Nancy Reagan "SAY NO TO DRUGS"!!!!!!

  • Outforjustice Jul 10, 2007

    Winston thanks for the clarification. However, using deductive reasoning (simpel concept) "murderer" is singular and the word "they" is a singular pronoun used to describe a group (more than one). Again, I ask who is the "they(group)" that TexasKate is referring to? Even substituting the word "murderer" in place of "they" in her post, it doesn't make any sense at all and is used out of context!
    I am not trying to be difficult here, but I want to drive home the point that individuals should be very careful when making generalizations about a particular group, regardless of who they are. I would venture to say that everyone within this person's community isn't like him. There is no excuse for what he did and I am the first to say that he should pay for his crimes. Upbringing/childhood shouldn't be accepted as a logical defense for killing a person. However, let's not condemn "communities" and "they=groups" because of this person and the poor/sadistic choices that he made.

  • Joy4u2 Jul 10, 2007

    You know I'm white lost my father at a very young age had a very bad childhood, Mother left me all alone gone for years did not know where she was, was I angry ( Yes ) but did I choose to go out and kill people because of it? NO. So don't blame it on your past or your childhood its its what lie's it your heart, and his was full of hate and murder, and yes he does deserve what he gets. and my prayers goes to the family of the victum.

  • 4042 Jul 10, 2007


    "It has been proven." Why? Because you said it.

    Just once, let me hear you say something sympathetic about the victim (you know, the one that was gutted and raped by your hero Mr. Waring) and their family in this case.

    Do that, and I'll leave you alone.

  • mel1980 Jul 10, 2007

    I was a friend of Lauren Redman and I 100% agree with the sentence he was given. And all of you that are throwing the "race card" around need to GET OVER IT. I think the sentence he has been given is light compared to the heinous crime he commited against my friend. You can't use your childhood as an excuse to kill people. Many people have had it MUCH worse than he did growing up and they are not going around killing and raping others. Maybe if NC had put more MURDERERS to death before now, my friend would still be alive.