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Jury convicts man in Vass 12-year-old's slaying

Posted January 14, 2011

— A jury on Friday convicted a Cameron man of being an accessory to the 2007 slaying of a 12-year-old Moore County girl.

Perry Ross Schiro, 22, was sentenced to 120 to 249 months in prison.

He was the last of five suspects charged in the death of Emily Elizabeth Haddock to be convicted and sentenced.

Haddock was killed on Sept. 21, 2007, when several men broke into her home in Vass. She had stayed home from school with strep throat, and the burglars were surprised to find her inside, prosecutors said.

She was shot several times with a 22-caliber handgun, authorities said. Her grandfather found her body when he stopped by the home to check on her.

Michael Graham Currie, 21, pleaded guilty in August to first-degree murder and breaking and entering in the case and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors said Schiro hid the murder weapon in the trunk of his car.

Van Roger Smith Jr., Sherrod Nicholas Harrison and Ryan Jermar White all pleaded guilty last year to accessory charges in the case and were sentenced to prison.


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  • jpkp2003 Jan 18, 2011

    I agree he should as well as all involved get the death penalty. Of course if they were sentenced to death it would take a liitle while so in the mean time he should be locked in a small dark room with only the victims picture to look at and one meal a day.

  • RB-1 Jan 14, 2011

    bkny - "he should be executed!"

    I agree. They all should be.

    Five grown men against a baby.

  • RB-1 Jan 14, 2011


    That poor girl must've been so terrified.

    Praying for those who loved her.

  • hellorhighwaters Jan 14, 2011

    And what was he thinking; we just going to go and rob this house.
    Well, the house had an occupant, an innocent 12 year old little girl, who was probably scared to death when she heard them coming into her house. Their punishment will never equal to the crime; whatever amount of time in prison that they get.
    My heart goes out to this family in losing something soooo pecious. And he hide the gun in his trunk, how stupid. He's just as guilty as the one that pulled the trigger. She was just a baby. They didn't have to kill her.

  • insincere-gesundheit-redux Jan 14, 2011

    death penalty for all involved

  • rebecca7 Jan 14, 2011

    Although I doubt their intention when arriving at this home was to murder someone, it still happened. They absolutely were there to rob this family... however, they robbed them of the most precious thing they had - their daughter. This sentence is too light. Not only did he participate in the robbery, he intentionally concealed the weapon to hinder justice and help his 'friends' who murdered an innocent 12 year old girl. I take no pity on this man. Actions speak volumes and his actions should be punished more severely. There are non-violent offenders who are facing longer terms.

  • pwilliamson53 Jan 14, 2011

    All involved should hav received the same sentence. They were there to do no good, so all was involved. A young life ended because they choose their actions. Life in prison, it should have been death penalty for all.

  • TravelinMan Jan 14, 2011

    I dunno, 10-20 years for hiding the gun seems pretty harsh. He did not participate in the murder.

    He was at the scene; therefore,he is an accessory to murder, remember your parents said watch out for the company you keep because they can hurt your reputation & get you in trouble.

  • u stand corrected Jan 14, 2011

    Another fine example of a new generation.

  • oleguy Jan 14, 2011

    I agree took 3 years to give him life,, What a waste of time and money.... Folks the average americans will wake up some day and soon I hope