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Julia Sims: The summer stretch

Posted July 3

Julia Sims' Popsicle stash

Saturday morning, when I left to run some errands, Mike and Will were sprawled out on the couch watching TV.

Some three hours later, when I got home, they were still there. Still in their pajamas! I don't think they'd budged an inch except maybe to reach for the remote control.

Any other time, I would've given them grief. I would've pointed out there was plenty to do around the house or better yet, suggested they get outside and enjoy the day.

But, you know what? It's summer. The season of leisurely living punctuated with long days of endless stretches and a freezer full of Popsicles.

Sure, during the week we still adhere somewhat to a regular routine. Will has to get to day camp on time and Mike and I can't be late for work. But I love this time of year because things seem to just slow down for us. It's a welcome hiatus from daily homework. The frenzied rush of getting out the door to school is gone. There just seems to be this "everything is going to be OK" attitude.

During the summer, we never sign Will up for organized sports. We enjoy the freedom of not having a schedule on the weekends. If Will gets an invitation on a Saturday at 5 to go play at a friend's house, he goes. If I want to play tennis at 8 a.m., we hit the courts. Anything goes.

And then there's that freezer full of Popsicles. You think I'm kidding about that? I'm not. We've got enough of those juice-filled delicacies to feed an army!

Will asked the other morning if he could have a Popsicle for breakfast. I thought for a second about how soon enough fall will be here and we will return to our regular routine and then I gave him my answer: "Sure thing. It's summer!"

Julia is the mom of a grader schooler and a reporter for WRAL-TV. She appears here monthly.


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