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Judge: Workers accused of patient abuse should get jobs back

Posted October 28, 2010
Updated October 29, 2010

— A judge says three fired employees from Central Regional Hospital should get their jobs back.

Fred Gooch, John Long and Patricia Swann were fired in 2008 for improperly restraining a patient in a face down position while drawing blood.

The workers said a doctor ordered them to do a forced blood draw on an aggressive and combative patient and that although they did not want to, they felt obligated to follow orders.

According to the case file, the patient was swinging and kicking at the time.

Judge Beecher Gray, an administrative law judge, said there was no policy preventing workers from handling an abusive patient that way.

There is no word on whether the attorney general's office will appeal the decision.


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  • samiam1244 Nov 1, 2010

    I have worked with abusive patients and would have been fired and should have been fired if i had of used this method of restraining. i never heard of restraining with the face down. and i have worked with patients that kick and slap and spit, you name it i have worked with them all. i have been working in health care facilities for 30 yrs. this doctor needs questioning .

  • pbjbeach Oct 29, 2010

    There needs to be some form of corrective action taken to correct the issues that when state employee are put in to a position of that they are damned if they do an damned if they dont . for these kinds of situations occur very frequently within the state government agencys that put the state employee in to a no win situation when due to the facts that if they don't do as directed by what mangament says they are then subjected to a being written up an subject to disciplinary actions for insubordination but then if they carry out their duly authorized instructions from mangament they may well be breaking states policy or at the last a possibly state or federal law that is in condriction to whatmangament has instructed the employee to do . this issue needs to be duly invetigated an corrected forthwith an then if this issues is corrected perhaps not as many state employees within the various agency of state government would be subjected to disciplinary measures an state government wou

  • jp11 Oct 29, 2010

    Haaa, just because there are no policy to prevent abusive treatment - it must be ok! So, if the patients are abusive feel free to absuse them back - as much as you'd like. I'm thinking this judgey guy likes this - pay per view!

  • penelope1 Oct 29, 2010

    With back pay...twc

    Agree with you 100%

  • twc Oct 29, 2010

    With back pay!

  • jas1022 Oct 29, 2010

    So why is the pathetic doctor not mentioned? That person is after all the one who ORDERED the workers to do this.

  • johnstonredneck Oct 29, 2010

    There are proper ways to restrain a patient and face down is not one of them.
    I think maybe the workers had been watching to many episodes of "Cops" on tv.
    Ig they'd get their jobs back, I feel they should be properly trained on how to restrain a patient prior to returning to work.