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Judge: Trooper should get job back

Posted October 19, 2010
Updated October 26, 2010

— A judge ruled Tuesday that a state trooper fired in January should be reinstated at his demoted rank and pay.

Trooper Anthony E. Scott, a 15-year veteran of the force, was in the home of a Chatham County woman in 2009 when her estranged husband allegedly attacked her.

The Highway Patrol said Scott was on duty at the time but wasn't at the home on official business. There was no indication whether Scott tried to intervene in the assault.

He was demoted and transferred after the incident. During Scott's appeal of his demotion, Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Ruben Young fired him.

On Tuesday, Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison upheld the demotion and transfer and ruled that Scott should be reinstated and paid any back pay owed him.

A spokesman for the state Highway Patrol stood behind the decision to demote Scott Tuesday and said the Office of State Personnel will have this final say on his fate.


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  • cowgirl1124 Oct 21, 2010

    Hmmm - 'estranged' & wife were maintaining separate house holds. Trooper was having papers revised, yes - on patrol time. Anyone in law enforcement does this. A Phone call was placed so the 'Estranged' would 'accidently' find said individuals at house. The information that is about to come out on - Beverly, Glover and many, many other individuals is about to ROCK the Highway Patrol image. Stay tune .......... the best is yet to come out!!

  • forjustice Oct 20, 2010

    peppercorns - The patrol will appeal and you will see a side of the patrol that very few get to see. They violated so many of their own policies and laws that the trooper involved may be speaking to state and federal authorities. Sec Young is already under scrutiny for his role in Easley's lost files, now he abused this trooper's constitutional rights. Meanwhile Beverly has lied several times in interviews about her relationship with Colonel Glover (and it will be brought up in this case). But, you want to send a trooper home that spent half of his life protecting the public. Did the affair somehow make him unable to protect? The events of that day were incorrectly reported and the colonel (who cares so greatly about the image) never tried to clarify it when he knew that it was wrong and causing the trooper problems. Oh, and the caring Beverly stood by and watched without calling to correct the story. Do you wonder why? Answers are coming and its bad for her, Glover and Young.

  • forjustice Oct 20, 2010

    peppercorns - should you get fired because you sinned? It is not against the law and there isn't even a patrol policy against it. Your not-at-work sex life (or maybe your lack of one)is not your employers business, the US Constitution protects it. Point out someone that doesn't sin and then point out an employer that can fire employees for sinning. Hide behind your keyboard and enjoy the fact that your employer doesn't broadcast your sins like this foolish colonel and Gov have!

  • peppercorns Oct 20, 2010

    IF the other guy was her estranged husband...then they were legally husband and wife still. Sounds like the trooper was there "visiting" the wife on a social level....the husband shows up and gets upset...slaps her. Trooper leaves. HE was having an affair with a married woman..talk about behavior unbecomming!!!!!!!!!!!! fire him

  • COPs eye Oct 20, 2010

    Was the ESTRANGED husband charged with Domestic Criminal Trespass? Why not? Did this Trooper intervene???? On what grounds was he dimissed? Not all details are coming out for a reason. Not picking a side just obvious questions not answered by this story.

  • gharris2 Oct 20, 2010

    The crazy judge said that the Dirctor of the agency didn't have authority to fire the trooper, then who can ? only the State Personnel Commission or Bev. Perdue? What a weird, troubled agency.

  • chfdcpt Oct 20, 2010

    Wheel, the judge is saying that the political appointees cannot fire an employee at will. They have to follow the state personnel policy.

    I am a lot more concerned with the politicians breaking the laws and getting away with it.

  • just my2cents Oct 20, 2010


  • just my2cents Oct 20, 2010

    The dude was her ESTRABGED husband. Big difference in being married and being seperated. Was the trooper there on his meal hour? If so, did he do any wrong? If not, reprimand him for that and move on. I hope he kicked the ex-husbands rear for beating on the woman.

  • WHEEL Oct 20, 2010

    Same old song,second verse. We have been paying Troopers and furnishing them a vehicle for their romantic excapades since the very start. Now the Courts say it's allright. Ain't N.C. a great State or what?