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Judge orders phone in Nancy Cooper case to go to defense

Posted June 4, 2009

— A Superior Court judge has ordered prosecutors to turn over the BlackBerry of a slain Cary woman to her husband's defense attorneys by Friday.

At a status hearing Thursday, Brad Cooper's attorney, Howard Kurtz, asked Judge Donald Stephens to order prosecutors to turn over the device as well as a copy of a hard drive.

Kurtz said he is concerned that data on the drive could be purged and harm his efforts to defend his client.

Wake County Assistant District Attorney Howard Cummings said agents are working on copying the 16 drives collected from Cooper's house. Stephens ordered that they be turned over to the defense by July 1.

Brad Cooper is charged with murder in the July 12 death of his wife, Nancy Cooper. She was found dead in an undeveloped subdivision several miles from the couple's Cary home.

Stephens also said Thursday that he hopes to start looking at a trial date at the next status hearing, scheduled for Aug. 27.


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  • Jun 5, 2009

    Ditto, rmd

    "I don't think he killed her. It is just my gut feeling. I may be wrong but I just do not see it in his eyes/face."

  • Jun 5, 2009

    Do investigators have any evidence that links him to this crime. I know they may have motive and opportunity and some damaging hearsay from friends and family of the deceased. But I don't think that's enough.

    One other point, there are lots of crack heads who roam the streets early mornings looking for victims to prey on. I wouldn't be surprised if this crime were not random.

    My first gut feeling when this story came out was that he was innocent.

  • rmd Jun 5, 2009

    I don't think he killed her. It is just my gut feeling. I may be wrong but I just do not see it in his eyes/face.

  • oyid Jun 5, 2009

    Hey, in the mind of the DA, somebody's gotta take an "L" for the crime. Why not the hubby...he's easy target. Yea, let's hope he did it because it would suck to be him after all of this is over.

  • hp277 Jun 5, 2009

    It sure is taking a long time to get this to trial. They are going to discuss trial dates on Aug 27th? At this rate, Cooper will have spent a year in jail before he ever gets to trial.

    I know the investigation takes time, but this is ridiculous. So much of the case seems to hang on the memories of neighbors and friends - memories that fade over time.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jun 5, 2009

    well it is America, "guilty until proven innocent"... happens to all of the criminals, unfortunately for the innocent, that works more than it doesn't. (and yes I meant to say it backwards)

  • ShareTheRoad Jun 4, 2009

    I can't imagine how ruined this dude's life will be *if* he is found to be innocent. No house, no kids, no wife. I don't know.... nothing about this case has been cut and dry (nothing that has been presented via the press anyways). I don't know if he did it or not, but just for a moment, can you imagine how hard life must be if he really DIDN'T kill her, and all this stuff happened?

    Brad's lookin pretty rough...

    It will be interesting to see his defense strategy. After all that has happened, I sincerely hope he did do it. If not, I really feel for the dude.