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Johnston mother guilty in baby's death

Posted November 17, 2008

— A Newton Grove woman was convicted Monday of involuntary manslaughter in the death of her 7-month-old son last year.

Katherine Strickland, 27, of 1750 Reedy Prong Church Road, was sentenced to 16 to 20 months in prison.

Strickland's son, Joshua Quinn Tart, died on Nov. 1, 2007, from "complications of drowning," according to an autopsy report.

Strickland and her husband, Jeffrey Keith Parker, 27, told authorities that they were passing Tart to one another on Oct. 30, 2007, when he fell to the floor.

Investigators noted inconsistencies in the couple's story. At first, they said they dropped the baby in the bathroom, and they later said they dropped him in the bedroom, authorities said.

Parker also is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case.


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  • sunshine1224 Nov 20, 2008

    thats a shame no more time that she got...i know sumone who killed his wife in self defense and he got the max 18 yrs and this woman only got a few months...cmon ppl whats wrong with this picture? i dont think its fair how she got off so easy....but she has to live with that every day that she opens her eyes. God dont like ugliness and he will handle this.

  • sunray71 Nov 19, 2008

    The biological father was not there. He was incarcerated for another crime. At the time of Joshua's death, it was the mother and the boyfriend. It is sad that there are all of un-informed people making rash judgements. Yes, there was no justice served here. Both Mrs. Strickland and Mr. Parker deserve more than what they got. If you would do a little research you would actually know what is what. I know for a fact that the biological father was truly devasted, as well as the parental grand-parents. I strongly feel the law needs updating when involving children who can not take care of themselves. Only God will take care of Joshua now.

  • news4u Nov 19, 2008

    Take a sexual photo of a child and get 25 years.

    Kill a child and get a few months.

  • sunray71 Nov 18, 2008

    I want to make something real clear: THE JURY DOES NOT DETERMINE THE SENTENCE, THE HONORABLE JUDGE DOES. The Jury judged the actions of Joshua's mother. This is a very sad case and it is in no way the true justice that Joshua Quinn Tart deserves. This was an Involuntary Manslaughter case, the maximuim sentenced was given. If you were so concerned, where were you throughout this case? Maybe then you would have heard who determines the sentence and any other conditions to be given. The jury ,in this case, was to determine whether Mrs. Strickland was Guilty or Not Guilty for the acts/ or failure to act in Joshua Quinn Tart best interest. The jury did what was expected from them and found Mrs. Strickland Guilty. Perhaps the law needs to be changed. May God Bless and watch over Joshua!

  • familyfour Nov 18, 2008

    I am at a loss for words. This is very tragic.

  • rcrdngcountry Nov 18, 2008

    its always the helpless children that suffer. this is what you
    call getting away with murder.

  • Weetie Nov 18, 2008

    unbeliveable... :(

  • CrewMax Nov 18, 2008

    And no tying of tubes? What is wrong with this justice?

  • Dr. Dataclerk Nov 18, 2008

    Why did WRAL move this story so that you could not find it unless you entered it in search?

    This story has not been moved. Rechecked. Its also listed in the Golo top stories.

  • ashleyisthe1 Nov 18, 2008

    she needs to do life in prison, she killed a precious child that could not defend himself.