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Johnston cracking down on panhandlers

Posted April 11, 2012

— Johnston County authorities said Wednesday that they are stepping up enforcement of the county's new panhandling regulations.

The county Board of Commissioners approved an ordinance in January requiring people to get a panhandling permit through the sheriff's office. People applying for a permit must undergo a criminal background check and have a photo identification.

Authorities said fewer than 10 people have obtained permits since then.

Deputies have handed out copies of the ordinance to beggars over the past three months, but Sheriff Steve Bizzell said the time has come to start citing and fining people for violations.


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  • C6-YA Apr 11, 2012

    Great, now they will migrate to Wake county and take over the rest of the intersections up and down 540!

  • sunshine1040 Apr 11, 2012

    why would you have photo Id if you are pan handling. These are many of the same people that you say do not have a photo id when it comes to voting. No visable means of support not way to buy and ID

  • jeff27577 Apr 11, 2012

    finally, im tired of beggers

  • devilblue Apr 11, 2012

    If these beggers can stand up and hold signs then they can certainly work. They get NOTHING from me and never will.

  • ncouterbanks69 Apr 11, 2012

    fouroaksboy - your comment is ridiculous -

    No way someone thinks this way. Possibly obama12's new id?

  • Disabled Vet Apr 11, 2012

    Someone please tell me how begging is a first amendment right? I am glad that they are going to start cracking down. I am getting so tired of these beggars polluting every exit ramp and intersection! It makes out of staters think that Johsnton County is nothing but a bunch of beggars which we are NOT!

  • tewc Apr 11, 2012

    fouroaksboy - your comment is ridiculous -

  • fouroaksboys Apr 11, 2012

    blame politics and the bush administration for all the homeless people in the united states. obama just got himself in a big time trouble situation that bush and his administration put us in because of high oil prices as well as wall street. im for taxing the wealthy so the poor ones can get more help because the rich people dont need all that money anways, some of us poor people work 10 times harder for our little bit of change than rich people do sitting in a office on a computer! vote the obama adminstration all the way!

  • ncpilot2 Apr 11, 2012

    Does this crackdown on panhandlers include the elected officials in the area?

  • genralwayne Apr 11, 2012

    Communities can legally regulate the exercise of free speech and assembly in public venues. Permits are one of those legal means of regulation. Parade and protest permits fall into the same category. As a licensed busker, I'm thrilled to see it.

    I perform in public venues and pass the hat for tips. Its more a way of testing new show material and just having fun than out of a need for cash. Still, I give value for what I receive and I'm quite happy to go through a permit process. I support other street artists who joyously offer their gift in exchange for my dollar. These deadbeat bums who beg for a handout and offer a bland puppy dog "God Bless You" in return disgust me.