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Johnston County schools to eliminate corporal punishment

Posted August 12, 2008

— The Johnston County school board voted to eliminate corporal punishment Tuesday, starting this school year.

Robeson County school leaders also met Tuesday evening to review a heavily supported petition to ban the practice. About 30 parents attended the Board of Education meeting to ask for an ad-hoc committee to study corporal punishment in schools.

The school board did not make any decisions on the matter Tuesday.

North Carolina is one of at least 20 states with a law that permits corporal punishment in public schools.


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  • daMoFo Aug 13, 2008

    CottonTownRambler, if you averaged a spanking a day, spanking obviously was ineffective. If it worked, you wouldn't have needed one everyday.

    Folks, don't try to change Dataclerks mind. You're wasting your time. People that have all the answers do not change their minds regardless of the evidence you put in front of them.

  • whatusay Aug 13, 2008

    The use of corporal punishment does prevent lots of disruptive students in line. It should remain in the schools and used when nessary, but with the parents permission (signed at the beginning of the school year). If a parent will not sign it they should be prepared to place their child in a private school.

  • NCTeacher Aug 13, 2008

    Dr. Dataclerk- I work in Wayne County schools. I arrive at school about 7 and usually leave somewhere around 5, taking with me a bag of papers to continue working on at home. This is 5 days a week. Normally on Saturday mornings I go back to the school to do more work in my classroom.

    This summer I have gone to workshops, planned lessons and worked on setting up centers for my classroom- buying alot of the material with my own money.

    Tomorrow, I am going to go start work on the 35 cumulative folders I am responsible for since when the workdays start next week I will be busy with meetings and parents. I expect the folders will take most of the day. And most of the teachers at my school- spend similar hours (some even more) working during the school year and summer.

    You are entitled to your beliefs on corporal punishment and the education system. You are welcome to express them here in any way you choose. Just like we are entitled to our beliefs and welcome to correct you.

  • CTR Aug 13, 2008

    As a Educated man in the johnston county school system, I can say that in the 6th grade of my educational year, i averaged a hiney spanking daily. The thing is, i derserved them to. I was disruptive in class, the class clown,played pratical jokes on others and was very disrespectful for what education had to offer me. In the same token, i can say, i am a graduate , i have never been arrested in my life & i have no driving record blemish.The spankings i recieved in JC were ones that i deserved, yep. This was also a time when one did not talk back to teachers without getting a spanking. One did not curse to an adult without getting a spanking, One did not cause fights and screaming matches without getting a spanking. The "threat" of a spanking did not deter me from my actions. The idea of removing this is in the same direction as removing GOD from the schools. It will be a matter of time before we no longer have a public system that anyone in their right mind will WANT to attend anyways.

  • jetset Aug 13, 2008

    Seriously folks....I suggest that anyone who can, sign up to be a sub at a school. The schools are desperate. Of course, you would need to take a class and also be screened properly to work with the children. It would be a good experience if you like working with children. And, not all children are holy terrors, but then there are some that are. As the old saying goes, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. Usually if the child acts up so does the parent, unfortunately. I hope the new teacher doesn't give up. As she gets more experience, she can develop ways to control some behavior. But, some behavior should not be tolerated at all. Good luck to the 2nd year teacher. I hope she has a much better school year.

  • SEOpro Aug 13, 2008

    Johnston County schools will effectively join the ranks of other schoolos that have uncontrollable, disrespectul, disruptive students.

    If you are old enough, you can remember your hiney-cheeks clenching up as you heard the "whacks" from down the hall. You might have heard them once or twice a MONTH - and that was for the worst offenders who soon, no longer ventured into the world of disruptive behavior in class!!! They QUIT being idiots in class and didn't disrupt - they knew what it got them!!

    Yes corporal punishment is wrong. It is wrong to get rid of it! I've been in the high schools over the past few years and it is quite obvious that the students do as they please knowing "no one can do anything about it". It is a horrible environment these days. The places with REAL control and guidance for the students are now expensive, private schools where parents have to PAY for people to properly run the schools like they should instead of listening to bleeding heart liberals!

  • jetset Aug 13, 2008

    Dr. Dataclerk....if you can do that, you would be wanted nation wide to come and work in the educational system. All college professors that teach people to become teachers would want you to come to their college campus so you could show them how you work magic!! For real!! :>)

  • Dr. Dataclerk Aug 13, 2008

    got an idea!!!.....we could get Dr. Dataclerk to go sub in that classroom for a few days!! She would be a great sub!

    That would be great. At the end of the day, you would not even know your own child because they would be showing you manners (Yes sir, No mam) respect. Thanks for the offer.

  • jetset Aug 13, 2008

    Hehe... Dr. Dataclerk could try getting the 4th grade student to show respect since "some" principals & administrators don't do enough of this. By setting such a good example herself, I bet that 4th grader would shape right up and mind her. Yessiree!!! :>)

  • LuvMyLife Aug 13, 2008

    Thank you jetset. 2007/2008 was my daughters first year of teaching and because of this child she was ready to throw in the towel. She is going back though to teach at the same school (not the same child) and I agree, Dr. Dataclerk could be a sub in the class. Might not make it 3 days though. lol ;0 Shoot even I wouldn't want to take that position.