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Johnston County restricts use of firearms

Posted March 7, 2011
Updated March 8, 2011

— Johnston County commissioners unanimously passed an ordinance that restricts the use of firearms on private property during a public hearing Monday.

The ordinance outlaws shooting firearms across public streets and highways or from two hours after sunset through one hour before sunrise. The new ordinance also prohibits discharging a firearm "carelessly and heedlessly," on to someone else's property without the owner's permission and while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Changes to the law were proposed after residents raised concerns about stray gunfire to county leaders. The controversial wording in the original ordinance draft –  "to ban shooting of any kind of projectile within 600 feet of a dwelling" – was eliminated from the adopted law.

Violators face a $100 fine or 30 days in jail. 

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  • Ashen-Shugar Mar 9, 2011

    "Whenever and wherever is when and where i shoot!"

    Not when your bullets come at me on my property. Read the ordinance, then post here. It is obvious you have not as it does not restrict your right to shoot in a reasonable and safe manner.

  • carroln Mar 9, 2011

    You give them an inch they will take a mile! Dont mgive in to them! Keep your guns and keep your 2nd amendment and tell them to stay in their yard and you will stay in yours, and shoot when and where you want to if it is your property. That is more like dictatorship. I thought we killed saddam for that very thing! You got to like people who move to the country and tnen tell every one in the country you have to stop doing what you want to and do as i say do! Bull butter! Whenever and wherever is when and where i shoot!

  • Rocknhorse Mar 9, 2011

    I'm not waiting for a problem to introduce myself. It's just not really been the right time. We are and have been so busy just building and prepareing pastures, that my time in the woods is minimal. I just follow common sense when I do. I steer clear during hunting season for both my safety and so I don't interfere with their hunting and disturb any deer that may be in there. At such a time as I feel the need to really be in there, then I will introduce myself.

  • burnstock99 Mar 9, 2011

    I'm guessing it's Obama's fault, are you with me conservatives?

  • Ashen-Shugar Mar 9, 2011

    I have met this person before all this began. The more we tried to ask him to stop the more it appeared. Talking does not go anywhere with this person. Most of this is an act to try to intimidate myself and my family, and then it became a way of life for them. Generated the idea from the song "redneck son of a piece of white trash", which was blared through a PA system almost nonstop. At that point he tried to become the epitome of that song, literally.

  • Ashen-Shugar Mar 9, 2011

    You are absolutely correct, and I know I paint a terrible picture. Unfortunately it is true and only a small portion of the entire situation.

    The police have been at a standstill in the past due to the fence this person has put around their property, a 6' tall privacy fence with a rather large number of rather large dogs inside it. According to them they can not "breach" that fence, and all suspect that doing so would lead to a very serious situation, without a felony. All the damage so far has only been to the fence he put up, and to his vehicle he shot several times.

    While they have not been able to get this person, they have been able to get several of his friends after leaving there with multiple charges, including DUI and various drug charges.

    There are exceptions for valid wildlife hunting in this ordinance. I think that it is a good ordinance, one that allows for valid shooting such as defense against criminals or dangerous animals or hunting. Hopefully others will agree.

  • RM24 Mar 9, 2011

    I feel it is MY responsibility to introduce myself to them and discuss it if/when it becomes an issue. It isn't yet, so I just follow common sense actions.Rocknhorse.

    I would suggest you go ahead and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Why wait until you have a problem to confront them? It is much easy to speak with someone you already know. It also would not be a bad idea to let them know that on occasion you like to walk thru the woods on your property. Not that they are reckless hunters/shooters, but a little awareness never hurts anyone.

  • RM24 Mar 9, 2011

    It does appear from the picture you have painted that you have some rather ignorant neighbors who have little to no respect for anyone other than themselves. With that being said it will be interesting to see if this corrects your problem. I expect in the next few weeks they will do it again. This time maybe getting arrested. And if they are doing the "drugs" you accuse them of them that should give the police a reason to search the house. If things are as severe as you proclaim them to be (and they may be) then I expect the other things going on next door to your home could be more severe than the shooting. If the bullets have been coming onto your property and damaging your property there have been laws in place for this. Whether it be from guns/rocks or any objects. Basically this law appears that it will not do much other than those who like to hunt raccoons/opposums at night.

  • Ashen-Shugar Mar 9, 2011

    "If they are shooting at you then that is attempted murder. However I think from what I have read it is stray bullets that are coming onto your property because of the negligence of the person firing the guns? Is that correct to say or are they actually aiming and shooting at you as stated below?"----RM24

    It is correct to a degree, it is more or less shooting into an area that could not be seen through a wooden fence with full knowledge that I was in that area.

    Kind of a fine line, but as police noted the many bullet holes in the fence in relation to where I was was very close, but as I could not be seen from where he was shooting from nothing could be proven. All the police could do was ask him nicely to stop, to which the answer was usually no or to stop until they got out of sight.

    Now he can be charged with something.

  • RM24 Mar 9, 2011

    Comes from getting shot at and being woken up in the middle of the night by 30 round banana mags being fired off through an AK-47.Ashen-Sugar

    If they are shooting at you then that is attempted murder. However I think from what I have read it is stray bullets that are coming onto your property because of the negligence of the person firing the guns? Is that correct to say or are they actually aiming and shooting at you as stated below?