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Johnston County man accused of burning his house

Posted July 21, 2011

— A Johnston County man faces charges of burning his own home, deputies said Thursday. 

The fire broke out around 4 a.m. Wednesday at 3079 Tarheel Road near Benson.

Investigators said they found Robert Lee Surles unconscious on a golf cart behind the home. His wife, Elizabeth Surles, was found unconscious in her car in a field not far from the home. 

They were not injured in the fire. Both were taken to the hospital.

When Robert Surles is released from the hospital, deputies will charged him with burning one’s own dwelling.


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  • Scubagirl Jul 22, 2011

    "Does anyone else find it strange that "his wife, Elizabeth Surles, was found unconscious in her car in a field not far from the home" ?"

    I find the whole darn article, misspellings and all, strange.

  • country4ever Jul 22, 2011

    What in the world?? Unconscious from what I wonder?]Most likely from the Percy Flowers receipe. comment

    LOL...yep that'll do it. :)

  • Sir Walt Jul 22, 2011

    He was unconscious in a golf cart, and the wife in car out in a field? And once out of the hospital... "deputies will charged him"

    My 9th grade English teacher would have given me a D- for writing this incomplete story with errors.

  • Arapaloosa Jul 22, 2011

    @jackleg, how is that relevant? Although, the girl listed under him was charged with "weekender"? What the heck is that?

  • nascarguy Jul 22, 2011

    At 4am, were they not just unconscious from sleep?

  • jackleg Jul 22, 2011

    Maybe this is relevant:

  • dgcreech Jul 22, 2011

    ThinkThenSpeak - Yes, that's why I still live in JoCo ... I moved to Garner a few years back and decided to move back to JoCo - some things still don't make sense but I prefer it over Wake

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jul 22, 2011

    Story doesn't furnish near enough information. Might just as well have published the Gettysburg Address on this story.

    What proof or even suspicion do they have?

  • hunter38 Jul 22, 2011

    Did he set it on fire or was it spontaneous combustion due to the heat??

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 22, 2011

    Man the spectulation will go on for a while. I'm sure other news source has more information now. It's too hot to be drinking liquor.