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Johnston County approves panhandling rules

Posted January 4, 2012

— Johnston County has become the latest place to adopt regulations for panhandlers.

The county Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved rules that require anyone asking for money on the street to get a permit for the activity. Permits are free and are good for one year.

Raleigh and Wake County also approved panhandling regulations in recent months.

The American Civil Liberties Union has sent letters to officials in Raleigh and the two counties, expressing concern that requiring permits for panhandling violates people's free speech rights.


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  • makeadiff Jan 5, 2012

    "Those living year after year, generation after generation, on the public dole are the problem."

    I agree with this whole-heartedly. For many, this has become their goal in life and many are very proud of it. I have seen and heard of so many instances where this type of attitude and abuse is deemed as a challenge to see how much one can get away with. Many of these individuals have it down to a science and actually brag about it. Moreover, many of these individuals are making a very comfortable living off the public dole. These hard-earned taxpayer dollars are stolen from the working to hand out without discretion to too many leaches/thieves. I am all for helping someone truly in need. I am a charitable person. I do highly resent the epidemic abuse of “the system’ and being made a fool of.

  • ncouterbanks69 Jan 5, 2012

    "I am a liberal and have had the same job for almost 28 years now, making a 6 figure salary. I know lots of people who fit the same profile. Doesn't that make you wonder how many other things you're clueless about?"

    Wow...you are truly special. If only we were all as awesome as you are (eyes rolling).

  • wiz Jan 5, 2012

    If you are able to stand on a corner & beg all day, then you are able to work...I look at these 'Panhandlers' as they are called as potental muggers...

  • aetius476 Jan 5, 2012

    There is an artice in the Raleigh N&O today about beggars called "A Handout Life".

    The real problem is not the beggers and bumbs holding signs and asking for change, that is only a nuisance. the real drain is the vast number of those living on the public dole.

    The "handout life" of welfare, food stamps, sec 8, medicaid, even 2 yr long UE benefits, etc. These are the real parasites.

    At least the folks with signs are out front about their purpose. They collect some cash and go buy a drink. Those living year after year, generation anfter generation, on the public dole are the problem.

  • Damien Thorne Jan 5, 2012

    "Wow. Most of the comments here have turned my stomach. I hope all of you are blessed with prosperity and never fall on hard times."----thepuppiesjester

    Unfortunately most of us can see this for what it is, and that is preying off peoples sympathy. I swore I would never give out another dime for two reasons, one is if you can stand in the hot sun or freezing cold all day then you can stand behind a counter and serve fast food. Most places I have seen are always hiring.

    Second is something I saw 4 times while I worked surveillance. While I am staked out I also watched the panhandlers that stood on the corners of the intersection of the mall I was in. After a few hours these people would get a drink from the store and sit on the side of it for about 20 minutes. After that they would get into a car near where I was and drive away. Every one of them drove a nicer car then I had.

    I never mind helping someone genuinely in need, but the bad apple ruins the bunch.

  • BuglessDuster Jan 5, 2012

    This provides a way to track people who have an income that's 100% cash that they don't pay taxes on.

  • Disabled Vet Jan 5, 2012

    If they would go apply for a real job, and yes, there are stilll jobs out there, they would not need to be begging. A lot of them will turn down you when you offer them something to eat or drink, but offer them money and the will gladly take that so they can spend it on drugs or booze. I had a beggar approach me at an intersection for a handout. I asked what he was going to do with the money and he said he was going to get a cold beer because it was hot outside that day.

  • twc Jan 4, 2012

    babedan, recently I did something very close to that from a MacDonalds while using their free wi-fi. The panhandlers (a male and a female) didn't get a lot of attention. At least they didn't get many handouts.

    But even if they do make big some days so what? They didn't do it with weapons.

    If you want to rant about someone, rant about those with the pie. We "middle class" get a small slice of the pie and begrudge the poor their crumbs? Resent the filthy rich, not the filthy poor!

  • tamiya_stars Jan 4, 2012

    It is illegal to stand on the street corner and sell sodas or waters without a permit from the government. I don't know if making bums have permits is the best idea or not, but can't seem to find the logic behind the opposition to it when you can't conduct a honest business activity in a similar way without dealing with gov't permits.

  • babedan Jan 4, 2012

    twc - sit in a parking lot and watch how many dollars they collect at each red light. Just count the bills as a dollar, since you don't know if there is any bigger bills. Do this for one hour then figure out for yourself what they are making.