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Johnston Adoptive Mom Trial Delayed Until November

Posted July 12, 2007

— The trial date in a Johnston County murder case has been delayed until November.

Lynn Paddock is charged with the Feb. 26, 2006 death of her 4-year-old adopted son, Sean. Investigators said she wrapped him so tightly in blankets that he suffocated.

Paddock was scheduled to go on trial in August, but busy court calendars pushed back the trial date.


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  • North Carolina Native Jul 12, 2007

    these are the people who just lost another grandson in the pool... I hope justice is swift and that she gets what she deserves.

  • 39 going on 25 Jul 12, 2007

    I remember earlier when this happened. She said she read it in a book how to discipline your children. It WAS intentional. What dummy would ever do that? (besides her)

  • NCKiki Jul 12, 2007

    MamaBear-the original news reports that came out about this story was that she was punishing the boy. There were other signs of abuse on his body, as there were on other children in the home that were subsequently removed from the house. It was also reported that she only had the boy and other foster children in order to receive monetary support from the state. Killing him may not have been intentional, but her actions were negligent and she needs to be punished. SpunkySouthernGirl- That was Lisa Steinberg. She was habitually abused at home, as was her mother and brother. Her adoptive father was a lawyer who was also a crack addict as was her mother. Social Services had been asked to step in many times, but unfortunately, child abuse is more common that any one would like to believe, and it was a case that fell through the cracks because of an overload of cases and not enough man power. It's unfathomable to comprehend that these kind of atrocities occur in this world.

  • minginindustria Jul 12, 2007

    just want to say this is a sad sad situation...I was in court the day before she was. My brother was murdered last July.
    We were scheduled for Nov and since they have moved her trial date to Nov we have been bumped to Dec or Jan. What takes so long??

  • Another P.O.V. Jul 12, 2007

    I just wanted to point out that she has also been accussed of abusing several other children in her home. I am hoping that this was an accident, but from what I have read in the past it seems that the odds will not be in her favor. Hopefully the truth will come out during the trial.

  • Blessyourheart Jul 12, 2007

    Was she trying to do one of those rebirthing exercises to promote attachment?

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Jul 12, 2007

    MamaBear, there are a LOT of cases re: foster and adopted children where they were SEVERELY mistreated if not killed. Do you not remember the little girl named Lisa from NY whose adopted mom didn't call the police after her adopted (lawyer) dad hit her so hard that she lay on the floor in a puddle of blood??? Stuff like that happens all the time. I don't know exactly what happened, and would like to believe it was an accident but the police must have evidence suggesting otherwise...

  • tooblessed Jul 12, 2007

    Wonder if it was pushed back because of the most recent accident (drowning). Probably think the jury would be less presuaded in November.

  • MamaBear Jul 12, 2007

    An unfortunate tragedy.As a kid have you ever rolled yourself up in the blankets like a cocoon? I know I did many times. The only thing it says here is that he suffocated in the blankets. I'm sure this was unintentional. It doesn't say she beat him or held the child under water and made it look like an accident. I can't see someone doing that on purpose. He is adopted so he was wanted. She chose to have him. Unlike the parents that smack their kids around an end up giving them a head injury. I think this case would be similar to the parents that fell asleep with their child and ended up suffocating them. You just don't hear the whole story here.

  • pinklady-1 Jul 12, 2007

    i agree with you arkansas razorback...that poor little boy!