Jobs for business majors: 'It's out there'

Posted April 17, 2014

— According to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the job outlook for 2014 college graduates is nearly 9 percent better than it was last year, and for business majors, the news is even better.

Kenya Iloka is one of the lucky ones. A business major who will graduate from Fayetteville State University in May, she already has a job lined up.

"It's a good outlook for any of us trying to graduate because one of the things that we're afraid of is that we'll get this degree and we'll still be doing the same jobs that we did before," Iloka said.

Her classmate Jacqueline Coleman knows that worry.

"It's pretty tough if you're trying to find something were you put your degree to work," she said. "I've gotten a job as a waitress or at restaurants, things like that, but as far as something where you actually put your degree to work, it's pretty difficult."

Nearly 70 percent of employers responding to the survey say they plan to hire business majors. 

"It turns out business majors are most in demand," said FSU's Dr. Steven Phelan.

Health sciences and education majors are at the bottom of the hiring totem pole, but those who get jobs will be paid more than last year's graduates. 

The experts say the Class of 2015 may have even better prospects, especially if they are willing to move.

"They really have to be mobile," said Helene Cameron, career services director at FSU. "They have to be mobile and go after what they have actually dreamt about having. It's out there."




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