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Job seekers line up for Monster event

Posted March 31, 2009

— Almost 2,000 job seekers lined up Tuesday in North Raleigh for the chance to pass out one more resume, have one more conversation and hopefully land a job.

More than 1,000 attend job fair in Raleigh More than 1,000 attend job fair in Raleigh

Bill Harrington was among those waiting to participate in the Monster.com “Keep America Working” tour event at the Hilton North Raleigh on Wake Forest Road.

“I know what it feels like to be out of work, feeling like you're not wanted out there and you have a family that's looking for you for support,” he said.

The turnout at the event, the 12th stop on the nationwide tour, well exceeded the average for other cities. In Chicago, about 650 people showed up for 500 positions; in Cincinnati, 660 came out for 300 jobs. In Raleigh, 1,700 people were vying for just 485 openings from 29 companies.

There were job seekers who have been out of work for more than a year and people who just got laid off yesterday. People from all fields, at all experience levels, all of them looking for work.

“It's like going on a fishing trip,” Harrington said. “You go out ten times. You don't catch fish. Then one day, you go out and get a boat load.”

Dorothy Hager was leaving the event without reeling in the big one. “This is the second job fair I've been to in a week and I left feeling the same thing,” she said.


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  • Piny tek Apr 2, 2009

    gcmann: OMG! Is it true that IBMers are being forced to train the people replacing them? That's really terrible. The worst part is being threatened that one would not get the severance pay if they don't, am just wondering if action can be taken on them. Oops North Carolina is one State an employer can fire you for absolutely no proper reason and there's nowhere you can go to defend yourself. And you are absolutely right about what Obama campaigned so much about being against companies that would outsource our jobs to foreign countries and he's not doing or saying anything about it. I also realizing that he may be overwhelmed with too much going on due to a filthy office he took over.

  • radixlecti Mar 31, 2009

    I was disappointed... Seems like half of the companies were staffing companies saying we may have something soon and just take your resume. Better luck if you tell them you will relocate. And did anyone notice that most of the people there were over 40?

  • Raleigh Boys Mar 31, 2009

    Getting a decent paying job from one of these events, is like Mary Easley giving back her 88% pay raise.

  • Pseudonym Mar 31, 2009

    Has anyone ever gotten a job from one of those things? I quit going because they aren't worth my time.

    You'll have better luck on craigslist.

  • WardofTheState Mar 31, 2009

    Hey Davido, I was there, too. I think I saw you!

  • davido Mar 31, 2009

    Hey, I was there! If you missed me, I was the one in the suit and tie.

  • raysson Mar 31, 2009

    This was way better than the last one they had back in January when the other job fair(hosted by employment guide)was over at the Holiday Inn Brownstone off Hillsboroughh Street. What gets me is that Monster is always posting for Insurance Salesmen and Customer Service Representatives not to mention areas in construction.

  • raysson Mar 31, 2009

    This was a better job fair that Monster gave in the previous times when it was in Raleigh. The last one that Monster gave was over at the Holiday Inn Brownstone off Hillsborough Street which was a joke back here in January. Over 100 people showed up and there were only six employers present????

  • TheLibertine Mar 31, 2009

    Monster is past tense -- job boards are passe for job searches any more. You'll have better luck using Linked In, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

  • gcmann Mar 31, 2009

    What I find to be even more disturbing than the AIG executive bonuses is the fact that IBM has dismissed about 10,000 American workers since Jan 2009 with the intent of sending the jobs overseas - predominately to India. IBM forces you to train your replacement under threat of withholding any severance pay when you are shown the door. IBM has outsourced my job twice. Once to a whole department in India. The second time to several people in Taiwan, Singapore and Communist China. Guess part my fault for going back to work for IBM, but jobs are scarce.
    President Obama in his internet town hall meeting seemed to be just fine with the practice of outsourcing American jobs despite his campaign rhetoric.
    We are in an economic state of emergency and shipping jobs overseas to "unfriendly" countries borders on treason. China writes almost all the microcode for IBM systems. Makes it easy for them to "hack" into US systems.
    Why ?
    2008 - IBM record profits. Increased revenue predicted for 2009.