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Jacksonville business to repay $19,000 in back wages

Posted October 1, 2012

— A Jacksonville body shop will pay employees more than $19,000 in back wages following an investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division.

The investigation found that Brynn Marr Body Shop incorrectly classified some employees as exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime requirements. As a result, employees were paid normal rates for time over 40 hours a week, rather than one and a half times their regular rate, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Labor said.

The body shop will pay 15 employees a total of $19,174 in back wages.

“The back wages paid in this case should serve as notice to other employers who may be paying in the same manner that they too should come into compliance immediately," said Richard Blaylock, director of the Wage and Hour Division's Raleigh office.

The spokesman said Brynn Marr Body Shop agreed to correct the issues found in the investigation and to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act in the future.



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  • wanderer Oct 1, 2012

    Leave it up to whatelseisnew to toss in his usual statements. Far as you know, he intentionally miss-classified so he wouldn't have to pay overtime. But nah, in your mind it's always the government's fault. He obviously knew what he was doing, his employees found out they were being cheated and responded correctly by getting people involved. I guarantee if it was anyone else on here they would have done the same thing and complained as well.

  • silverflash Oct 1, 2012

    perfect example of a company trying to test the waters when it comes to paying people. there are two extremes today. those who would pay a floor sweeper 20$/hr plus benefits and those that would cheat an employee out of hours worked. If it was up to the companies out there,you'd be luck to get minimum wage for any job........ sorry to say, but that's why we still need unions... And I am voting romney this go round.......

  • whatelseisnew Oct 1, 2012

    Yep, now the Government gets to classify employees. I would not only not pay these people. I would close the business down. then I would reopen under a new business name and hire an entirely new set of employees. Probably I would go for some of those newly minted Federally approved Obama Illegals.

  • NoRespect Oct 1, 2012

    This guy doesn't "Repay" the back wages, he is to "PAY" them. Doesn't anyone proof-read the articles at WRAL.com??

  • storchheim Oct 1, 2012

    Oh he probably already did that, when they complained about being cheated. Probably found a bunch of illegals to replace them.

  • NiceNSmooth Oct 1, 2012

    The body shop will pay 15 employees a total of $19,174 in back wages

    and once paid I bet he lays most them off