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Jackie Hyland: Waiting for Selena

Posted December 2, 2013

Anchor Jackie Hyland poses with her adorable Coton de Tulear, Sophie.

I recently had the pleasure of taking my girls to a concert. We went to see Selena Gomez Stars Dance Tour 2013 in Charlotte.

I'll admit it has been awhile since I went to see a band perform live. The last concert I went to was U2 at the Meadowlands in New Jersey with my husband.

This time, it was just me and my girls. I was thrilled.

We got to Charlotte early, my first time to see the city up close. I really like it. We decided to go into the Time Warner Cable Arena early so we would have plenty of time for T-shirt shopping. (And speaking of T-shirt shopping: Yikes ... $40 for a T-shirt!!!)

We had pretty good seats, so we settled in and watched three acts before Selena made it on stage.

Before leaving for the concert, my husband handed me a bag and said you'll need these. When I looked in the bag, I laughed out loud. Earplugs!! I tossed them in my pocketbook thinking I won't need these.

Boy, was I wrong! By the time Selena took the stage, the music was unbearably loud. I was so grateful for those earplugs and so were my girls!

The concert was nice ... yes, I think that sums it up. I knew a couple of her songs and I danced and sang along with my girls. All the time, I was thinking: I've still got it!

When the concert ended, I noticed mothers and daughters running from the arena at great speed. It was a little unsettling.

When we got outside, I saw why. A crowd of mainly mothers and daughters had gathered around an exit and they were chanting Selena! Of course, we joined the crowd eager to see the pint-sized star up close and personal.

But, after about 20 minutes of high pitched screaming for Selena while being pushed and shoved, I knew I had had enough. My head was now pounding and I started to fear a migraine.

I turned to my girls and said, we should go, she won't be out for awhile. They were disappointed, but understanding. We dug our way out of the crowd and started walking up the block away from the arena.

With every step, I was secretly hoping Selena would not emerge until we were in our car. That's when a huge scream filled the air. Selena had emerged, much to my dismay.

My girls were so disappointed. I felt so guilty. I still feel guilty. I really hope that is not what they remember when they think of their first concert with their mom!

Jackie is the mom of a tween and a teen. She is an anchor for WRAL-TV. Find her here on Go Ask Mom monthly. Click here to follow her on Facebook.


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