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Jackie Hyland: For the love of dogs

Posted September 23, 2013

Anchor Jackie Hyland poses with her adorable Coton de Tulear, Sophie.

Everyone warned me that it would happen, but I didn't listen and I am glad I didn't!

You see, for years my daughter begged me for a dog. And I mean begged. Every chance she got even to the point of embarrassing me in front of other moms!!

But, with my work schedule and my husband's work schedule, I just thought it was not a good idea while living in New York City. We were hardly home and our house was small.

Then, about eight years ago, we made a big move to Dallas for my work. I wanted the girls to embrace the idea of moving, so I promised we would get a dog.

Not a good idea.

The house we wound up buying was huge, but it had a lot of white carpet and I thought, well, this is not going to work with a dog. So I procrastinated and we never got a dog.

Yes, I felt bad about it. My mom even told me you never make a promise and then back out of it. But part of me felt that my daughter was not ready for a dog and truthfully, neither was I.

So when we moved to North Carolina last year, my daughter reminded me of my broken promise. This time, I knew I would not be able to back out. She was older and much more persistent.

So last year, we got a dog!

Her name is Sophie. She is a Coton de Tulear. We have all fallen madly in love with her. She has done something for me I never thought possible: She has helped me with my lifetime fear of dogs!

Even though it took years for me to fulfill my promise, I do believe we got Sophie at the right time.

As for that warning: My friends told me, once you get a dog it will be yours, your kids will love the dog but, ultimately, you will do all the work.

It's true. And, you know what? I'm OK with that!

Jackie is the mom of a tween and a teen. She is an anchor for WRAL-TV. Find her here on Go Ask Mom monthly. Click here to follow her on Facebook.



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  • mbsheisey Sep 25, 2013

    Jackie - you and everyone else needs to read a book by Dean Koontz called *A Big Little Life.* It is about his Golden Retriever named Trixie and how he and his wife kept putting off getting a dog and how their life was changed after they finally got her. One thing though - they don't have kids so they did all the work anyway. But it is a remarkable book about a remarkable dog.
    Everyone should read it.

  • aliput5 Sep 25, 2013

    People get dogs or certain breeds for different reasons. Getting one from a shelter may not work because you cannot be sure of what you are getting. I have NO problem with true breeders. I must admit that I never heard of Sophie's breed. She looks like a Bischon

  • hsiflee Sep 24, 2013

    That's good. 11 million animals killed in shelters each year and you buy yourself a dog from a breeder. glo...That's what yuppies do.

  • hsiflee Sep 24, 2013

    I like what George Carlin said when his dog died. He didn't spend a lot of time searching for a replacement. He just took his dead dog to the pet shop, laid the dog on the counter and said "I want one just like this one"...Don't blame me, blame George.

  • glo Sep 24, 2013

    That's good. 11 million animals killed in shelters each year and you buy yourself a dog from a breeder.

  • AliceBToklas Sep 24, 2013

    Sorry Jackie, but I have nothing but disdain for these small yip-yip, ankle biting mutts. An absolute nuisance they are.
    --Obamacare for everyone

    I'd like to ask 'why bother posting something like this?".

    For many years I was a 'big dog person' (German Shepherd, Collie, etc.), then a friend forced a Corgi on us and we quickly became converts. We have friends and family who really love their little dogs. It's all good, no matter the breed & I'm glad Jackie and her family found one that suits them well.

  • busyb97 Sep 24, 2013

    Dogs are pretty good judges of character...obviously. :)

  • Chris_H Sep 24, 2013

    Jackie glad you have broken down - I can't imagine my life without dogs. They are amazing - of course I am on the other end of the spectrum with a Golden Retriever (prior to that a lab and another golden) but they are well worth it. The unconditional love, companionship and understanding they give is priceless - plus they get you outdoors and moving. Dogs are amazing.

  • hsiflee Sep 24, 2013

    That's a fancy way to say Malti-Poo...

  • tracyshopalot Sep 24, 2013

    Jackie - My kids begged for a dog forever also. Like you I wasn't raised around dogs and was afraid of them. But when my daughter graduated from college at Christmas I gave in and surprised her with a Yorkie-poo, Maci. I never thought you could love a dog so much but I love this dog!!! Wouldn't take anything for her - feel like I missed out on so much for so long. She is so loving. Now that my kids are gone from home she is my companion. (My daughter works at night so she stays with me alot.) I am so glad I finally gave in and got a dog.
    Loved your story!!
    Thanks, Tracy