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It's confirmed: Publix NOT doubling coupons in NC stores

Posted February 28, 2014

Coupons with scissors

As I posted yesterday, Publix is NOT going to be doubling coupons in the new Charlotte stores. They were doubling coupons in the new South Carolina stores just outside of Charlotte but they have stopped that as well.  I heard back from the Communications Manager with Publix corporate today and they will NOT be doubling coupons in any of the new NC stores including the Cary and Raleigh stores opening in late 2014 and 2015.

They posted this on their Facebook page:

"Publix originally rolled out double coupons in our Atlanta Division stores as a competitive response to other supermarkets in the area. After much research and consideration done while preparing to launch our new Charlotte Division, we found that we can pass along greater savings to more customers through other promotional offerings and pricing strategies. Only two stores in South Carolina (#1412 and #1419) that have been participating in double coupons will be switching over to our new promotional offerings. In addition to experiencing our clean stores, friendly service, quality products, and extensive selection, customers will be offered great deals including expanded BOGOs, lower everyday pricing, and exciting promotions."

It remains to be seen if their new pricing strategy will be able to compete with the excellent deals couponers can find when coupons are doubled.

How do you all feel about their decision to not double coupons? Are you still looking forward to the new Cary and Raleigh Publix stores?


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  • shareisa Mar 3, 2014

    All I want is another store to compete with Whole Foods. (One that offers organic and humanely handled meats, grass-fed beef and GMO-free fruits and vegetables.) We don't need another "conventional" grocery store. I can get organic produce at Walmart now.

  • Faye Prosser -WRAL Smart Shopper Mar 1, 2014

    mtmkjr - I agree about HT stepping up their promos once Publix opens here in the Triangle. I am guessing we will see increased events, promos and home mailers from both HT and LF in the geographic areas where the new Publix stores will be opening (which is nowhere near me). I imagine Publix will do the same thing to get folks into their stores. When Cary's Publix opens up in late 2014, there should be some fun promos for all of us as they compete for our business. As we all know, competition is a good thing for the consumer.

  • theCouponDiva Mar 1, 2014

    I think the fact that Publix wont be doubling will benefit Harris Teeter (and possibly Lowe's Foods). Those stores have a good shopping base here, their couponing policies are awesome, and they offer quality products and customer service. Although, I LOVE publix, Im sure when they move into the area I wont be leaving Harris Teeter or Lowes.

  • DianeNC Mar 1, 2014

    As I posted in a different thread, I have heard from more than one HT employee at different HT stores that one of the main reasons Kroger chose to acquire HT was because of HT's successful couponing policies (and their outstanding customer service,) so it wouldn't make sense for them to then stop/change those things now. Then again, if that's the case, why did Kroger stop doubling coupons, themselves, right before making this acquisition?

    I think Publix is making a wrong decision by not doubling coupons in our area. (Still waiting to hear if they will at least allow stacking of manufacturer and electronic coupons downloaded to their store card.) As I and others have already shared, as great as Publix may be, why would we shop there when we can get the same products for cheaper (or FREE) through doubling couponing and/or stacking coupons at HT??

    About Target - to me, they are the retail equivalent of HT when it comes to their couponing policies. They're great!

  • mtmkjr Mar 1, 2014

    Realstory, I agree. For a couponer, aggessive pricing just doesn't cut it. It really doesn't matter to me if an item's regular price it dropped by $.25 if I can't combine sales price with a coupon and then get the doubled value - it may be nice for the non-couponer, and make a slight difference in their overall grocery budget, but we couponers don't shop by prices - we shop by promotions.

    And Kaleo, I didn't realize Publix didn't double in Fla. It will be interesting to see how they promote themselves here. I doubt HT would stop doubling for a good while - that will be their upper hand in the market - they will more likely get more aggressive for a time. But down the road, we shall see.

  • RaleighFoodBlogger Mar 1, 2014

    Kaleo- that is really reassuring... thanks for your take on it all :-)

  • sdoss1 Mar 1, 2014

    These stores won't be located close to me but if I am in the area I will stop in and check them out. I shop a lot at Food Lion and they don't double coupons but I get a lot of good deals there. I will go wherever the deals are, not loyal to any one store.

  • HI2NC Mar 1, 2014

    Before moving to NC 2 years ago, I lived in Florida. I started my couponing at Publix and they did NOT double coupons in FL. They did allow store and manufacturer coupon stacking, had really awesome gas gift card deals and accepted competitors coupons. The deals that I was able to get were just as good as Harris Teeter or better. In fact, I was often able to find deals that produced overages when combining store and manufacturer coupons. I can't wait for them to get here! I think with anything new, it will just take a little bit to get used to. When I moved here from FL, I hated HT and couldn't stop comparing the great deals I had gotten at just took me a little while to get into a groove with HT. :)

  • wral suks bauls Mar 1, 2014

    Disappointing - but it seems more and more stores cut out the double couponing promising "more aggressive pricing" - yet fail to deliver on that promise. I haven't noticed any drastic (or semi-drastic cuts for that matter) in pricing of kroger products

  • privilegesrevoked Feb 28, 2014

    I have talked to the mgr of the store I frequent for HT, many times, about how things are going since the buyout by Kroger. He says that nothing has changed, standards and operation have not been changed either. He doesn't think anything is in the wind for change.
    I think if we took a minute to seek out mgrs at HT and as customers, express our concern that HT be left to operate as they have been (they have been VERY successful, no need to change what works).
    I'm really hoping that Kroger realizes that messing with the format will do damage to loyal customers. So far it seems they aren't sending down any changes in store operations.