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Issues with using e-Vic coupons AND paper coupons at Harris Teeter

Posted March 8, 2013


As many of you have posted this week, some Harris Teeter stores are indicating that they do NOT allow the use of a Harris Teeter e-Vic digital coupon AND a paper manufacturer's coupon. I reached out to corporate regarding the matter and here is the response I received from the Communication Manager.

"I spoke with my team about the below, and the information on our website is correct. We currently accept both paper and digital (stacking). I apologize if stores have provided inconsistent feedback. We are always considering adjustments to our programs to insure we can continue to offer the best value, and if we decide to make any changes we will communicate with customers in advance of implementation."

BUT, the online Harris Teeter coupon policy was changed today and the wording allowing e-Vic coupons and paper coupons has been removed.

The good news is that you can still find the policy in the FAQ section for e-VIC where you will see:

Q: Can I use a paperless coupon and a paper coupon for the same item?

A: Yes, you can combine paper and electronic coupons.

My suggestion to you, if your e-Vic coupons were not correctly credited and the store will not fix it then and there, is to call Harris Teeter customer service and explain that you did not receive the correct e-Vic coupon discounts. They should be able to remedy the issue.

If your store informed you that you could not use both the e-Vic and paper coupons, I would also explain that your store does not understand the policy and that you were told you could not use both. I would request that someone from corporate contact your store manager to explain the policy so this does not happen again.

I also suggest you print out the Harris Teeter coupon policy and keep it with you when you shop at HT in case there are any questions regarding any other policies.

I imagine that the option to couple e-Vic coupons and paper coupons will not last much longer. I don't blame Harris Teeter, honestly. No other store allows the use of both digital and paper coupons and it was only a matter of time.


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  • KLW Mar 9, 2013

    I went to the North Ridge store on Thursday and mine stacked fine.

  • ejgordonpayette Mar 9, 2013

    I used paper coupons and e-vic coupons at both Sunset Lake and the HT on 10-10 and kildaire yesterday. The manager rang me out yesterday at 10-10 and kildaire! She didnt say anything and is such a sweet lady!!!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 9, 2013

    maggiedoo - Welcome to posting on the blog! Ditto what Nancy said about overage. Won't happen if you just have a coupon. Sorry. The only store that offers overage when just using a manufacturer's coupon is Walmart. If you item is less than the coupon, they will apply the overage to the rest of you order according to their policy online at No other stores will allow overage with just a manuf coupon.

  • jmoonmars Mar 9, 2013

    The 1800 number team cannot help you past that last week's sales so check your receipt asap and call them.

  • Nancy Mar 9, 2013

    maggiedoo, HT policy is to only double up to the price of the product, no overage with MQ's. The only time overage at HT comes into play is with the use of HT's ZVR coupons, they always stack (although lately word is they will be discontinuing that policy sometime in the near future).

    so, if you had a ZVR for the Mac/Cheese, you could have used one paper coupon, making all 6 free, then any value of the ZVR would have automatically come off at the register and that would have given you overage.

    How you ended up with overage from a MQ prior I'm not sure. If the coupon was entered manually and not checked against the price you paid for the item, that could have given you that result. But if it was just scanned, the system auto reduces the value to the price of the product.

    Hope that helps? And by the way, glad you bubbled to the surface to 'play' with us on the blog :)

  • maggiedoo Mar 9, 2013

    Continuing from post #2 and final post!!

    I realize that my bacon transaction didn't result in an overage. However, I applied the logic with the bacon transaction to the mac & cheese transaction & previous transaction where an overage was applied to my total bill and struck out! Maybe I'm just confused about how this overage stuff works? I am truly appreciative of HT SDs and their coupon policy. I just want to be able to project with some level of accuracy what to expect for an OOP total.

    Please forgive my 3-post whine! I've probably worn out my welcome with all the blubbering..

  • maggiedoo Mar 9, 2013

    Follow up to previous post... Long story short, I discovered an envelope of HT RCs during last HT SDs. I used a RC for B2G3 Smithfield bacon during that SDs, supplementing it with (2) $1/2 Smithfield bacon coupons and $1/1 Pork Inspired coupon. All doubled yielding 5 packs of bacon for around $.40 apiece!!.

    Today I redeemed a RC for Kraft mac & cheese 3/$1 (from 2008!), limit of 6. I purchased 6 thinking I could use (2) of the $1/3 coupons, both doubling and resulting in a $2 overage that would apply to the $2.97 gallon of milk. Well, no can do. Since doubling one of the $1/3 would cover the 6 I purchased, I wasn't allowed to use the second $1/3. So no overage to offset my total bill. I was at the same HT Tues. or Wed. and had an overage as the result of a coupon, and the overage was applied to my total bill. OK, continuing with 1 more post & I'm done - I promise!

  • maggiedoo Mar 9, 2013

    Hey everyone! This is my first time posting anything of substance, but I've followed the blogs for over a year. Faye, thanks for the information you provide - your matchups of sale items to coupons have been invaluable! And the information posted by others in your blogs have clued me in to additional savings! Having been unemployed for over a year now has made every penny I can save precious. I am truly grateful to everyone.

    Faye, thanks for the guidance with regards to stacking ZVRs and paper coupons. However, after my trip to one of the local large HTs today, I am no longer sure what I can count on saving. See my next post for details...

  • Nancy Mar 8, 2013

    This is a test, this is only a test ....

    Faye's checking to see if we're reading :) j/k!

  • Faye Prosser - Smart Shopper Mar 8, 2013 bad. I was getting the Share the Deals thread ready for tomorrow morning and forgot to copy a new document. I simply moved today's Share the Deals to tomorrow at 6 am. I fixed it and moved it back to today. Sorry about that. :-)

    Really, I was checking to see if anyone was paying attention. lol