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Investigators spot marijuana-growing operation in Sampson County

Posted June 25, 2009
Updated September 4, 2009

— An aerial investigation over Sampson County yielded a marijuana "jackpot," Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said.

Deputies identified four major plots of pot located just off of Wright’s Bridge Road north of Garland, he said.

“This was a well established marijuana growing operation," Thornton said. "Basically, the only way it could be found was from the air. There’s no way you can just happen to wander upon it.”

Investigators found an irrigation system complete with green-painted pipes, along with huts and tents used for shelter by the growers, he said.

Deputies seized 11,000 marijuana plants ranging from three to five feet in height. They estimated the value of the bust at $27 million.


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  • iknowudidit Jun 26, 2009

    Even if it was legalized people would still grow and sell to make their own money. Besides there is no way to regulate the amount of THC which would be required.

  • Surething Jun 26, 2009


  • brownneck Jun 26, 2009

    Why don't the government just it like alcohol? The additional taxes generated by it will add more money to the coffers. That way, we don't have to balance the budget.

  • hemp4victory Jun 26, 2009

    What a joke, The plants have not even begun to flower yet !

    Worthess as smoke, What a tremendous waste of resources !

  • john283594 Jun 26, 2009

    The government should stop domestic spying, which is what this clearly is...

  • fedupin benson Jun 26, 2009

    ps.. wtvd notice i put approx :) I know there's more expensive stuff out there, but I also didn't calculate that as you buy larger amounts the price per gets smaller..

  • fedupin benson Jun 26, 2009

    really? yur paying more than 50 bucks?? lol

  • Gork Jun 26, 2009

    Thousands of deaths in Viet Nam - are you kidding? Aaaah - I get it, you were kidding! You're smoking reefer aren't you!

  • 8675309-9 Jun 26, 2009

    fedupin benson
    check your price list sources again, you said retail value, and you are way off.

  • fedupin benson Jun 26, 2009

    carlton.. actually it would have to go into ABC stores.

    veritas.. why don't you get your facts straight and think for yourself instead of spouting the same old bull that politicos have spouted for decades. Not 1 SINGLE DEATH is directly attributable to MJ in over 5000 years of use. And it has 100's if not 1000's of other uses besides getting high on.