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Intoxicated man fired shots into air

Posted February 8, 2010

— Police arrested a man who they say got drunk and fired shots outside a Nashville home early Monday.

Authorities said they received calls about shots being fired off Birchwood Drive around 2 a.m. They determined that Paris Jason Lopez had had too much to drink and started firing a gun into the air.

No one was injured or was in any danger.

Police said they got Lopez to sleep and waited at the home with him. When he woke up, he surrendered peacefully.

Lopez was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He was placed in the Nash County Jail under a $7,500 bond.


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  • Garnerian Feb 10, 2010

    I stand corrected http://kwc.org/mythbusters/2006/04/episode_50_bullets_fired_up_vo_1.html

    If the bullet was shot straight up then no problem but what are the chances that he could fire them straight up. At any rate what are the chances that it would actually hit someone. Very slim chance if you are out in the country.

  • airbornemonty Feb 9, 2010

    You can not compare a falling acorn to a falling bullet. First of all, an acorn falling thirty to forty feet from a tree doesn't even begin to reach terminal velocity before it reaches the ground.

    A bullet on the other hand, falling from a height of 4000 or 5000 feet reaches a velocity of about 128mph before it strikes the ground.
    That is faster then the fastest baseball pitcher can throw a baseball. I know I wouldn't want to get hit anywhere by a falling bullet.

  • Garnerian Feb 9, 2010

    no danger. the bullet comes down alot slower than it goes up. A falling bullet is like a falling acorn.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Feb 9, 2010

    Thanks dugmeister, I didn't get a chance to reply to that. I took a guy in once who blew a 3.2 and you couldn't tell he was drunk, local alcoholic, if he quit drinking he would die. Got him an unsecured bond and took him back home

  • Granny Feb 9, 2010

    Wonder if all this happened because of his name??

  • dugmeister Feb 9, 2010

    " He would certainly be dead at a 3.0"

    Firstly, it's .30 not 3.0, as that isn't possible. Also, I have seen people blow over .30 and they were still alive. It is when you approach .40 that the coma starts setting in.

  • sunneyone Feb 9, 2010

    This cat obviously never studied Newton. What goes up must come down.

    Darwin Award candidate.

  • NewJerseyNative Feb 9, 2010

    "Typical of Nashville Police Department"? What do you mean by TYPICAL??? I have no problem with them.

  • hralex Feb 9, 2010

    Sooo...now the LEO are baby sitters? What's up with that $7500 bond, for a convicted felon with a firearm? That is just ridiculous.

  • Common Sense Man Feb 8, 2010

    "They probably tested him and he blew over a 3.0"

    He would certainly be dead at a 3.0.