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Escapee from Rocky Mount women's prison captured

Posted October 7, 2013

— Law enforcement authorities in Onslow County captured an inmate who escaped Monday morning from a Rocky Mount women’s prison.

Keith Acree, a spokesman for the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, said Misty Dawn Gardner was taken into custody shortly before 4 p.m.

Further details about her capture weren't immediately available.

Prison officials believe Gardner might have scaled a fence at Fountain Correctional Center for Women sometime after 6:30 a.m., which was the last time she had been accounted for.

Gardner, 30, is from Onslow County and was serving approximately two years for a 2011 conviction for driving while impaired.

She was scheduled to be released in December.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Fountain Correctional Center is a minimum-security prison that houses 510 inmates.


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  • BeKind Oct 15, 2013

    People who end up in prison are usually there for making bad decisions. Fountain is "minimum custody" which allows privileges such as work release. Many of these inmates work in Rocky Mount on work release jobs. There is no electricity on any prison fence in NC. There are manned/gun towers on the more secure ones and razor wire. Yes, she will receive additional time in prison and will now be classified as an escape risk, so no more minimum custody priveleges. You never know what is on someone's mind. There could have been problems at home that pushed her over the fence. These comments are amusing. Educate yourselves.

  • halfpint1552 Oct 9, 2013

    You have 2 months left and NOW you try to escape? What in the world!

  • ambernicole919 Oct 7, 2013

    Has anyone actually seen rockymt woman prison? It is a bad joke. My husband and I drove through it the other day to get to some houses. Yes I said through it! We had tons of jokes on how we are surprised more ppl don't escape from there!

  • davidk_at_unc Oct 7, 2013

    "WOW! Give her and additional 20 years when caught. I thought the fences had electricity on it." -- 678devilish

    OK. Let me get this straight. She was only in jail for two years to start with, now you want the taxpayers to pay to keep her there for another 20? Gotcha. Just let us know your address so we'll know where to send the bill.

  • 678devilish Oct 7, 2013

    She is going to be charged with escaped. She did not think of that and the time she had left. Not smart at all.

  • smalldogsrule Oct 7, 2013

    No the fences are not electrified. Female facilities and their inmates a treated far differently than males. And, in NC, the sentence for escape is 1 year.

  • Tax Man Oct 7, 2013

    Kinda dumb - a couple of months to go and she opts for more crime. Guess she will get to spend the next two years in a more secure prison environment with a lot less privileges. They will charge her with escape and they will keep her longer!

  • 678devilish Oct 7, 2013

    Maybe her life was in danger and she had to get out of there

    Being in prison is a danger in itself. But she was there to face her on consequences of wrongness. She should have reported it if she was in danger, which I hardly doubt. She just did not like being there.

  • vsusu2002 Oct 7, 2013

    She wants more time. She's probably hoping to be caught so she could have a longer prison stay. NO sense at all.

  • 678devilish Oct 7, 2013

    Those who are helping her, should absolutely be charged and put behind bars with her.