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Infant injured in wreck with Oxford police cruiser

Posted January 2, 2010

— A 5-month-old infant was injured in a wreck involving the cruiser of an Oxford police officer attempting to pull over another, speeding vehicle Thursday morning, state troopers said.

Officer Donald Colbert, 37, was sitting in a Dodge Charger on the right shoulder of N.C. Highway 158, near Salem Street, facing east and patrolling for speeders around 10:30 a.m. A westbound, speeding vehicle passed by, and Colbert pulled out into the two-lane highway to make a U-turn and follow the vehicle.

Troopers said the Charger was sideswiped by an eastbound 1997 Buick car driven by Elham Meglaa, 28, of Oxford. The right front of the Buick hit the Charger's left front tire.

Meglaa's 5-month-old son Patrick Lamiy suffered non-life-threatening injuries, troopers said. The infant was in a child seat in the front passenger seat, troopers said.

Meglaa was shaken up and had cuts on her hand. Colbert wasn't injured.

Troopers said they planned to meet with the district attorney Monday to determine if charges should be filed in the wreck.

Colbert told troopers that he did not see the Buick.

Troopers said that heavy fog contributed to the wreck and that the stretch of road where the wreck happened is flat and straight for about mile in either direction. Colbert turned on his siren and lights before pulling into the highway, troopers said.

The airbags in Meglaa's car deployed.


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  • AnotherIgnoredComment Jan 4, 2010

    Charges will be filed against the cop.

    I hope everyone realizes a 5 month old or a 5 year old should never be in the front seat with airbags. They kill kids

  • rtpduder Jan 4, 2010

    This story is odd to say the least. The article states that the cop pulled out in front of the lady from the side of the road (and the lady probably didn't have time to react). Yet the article then states that the lady sideswiped the cop and charges may follow. Huh? Seems to me the cop is at fault, not the lady driver.

  • Duke _Nukem Jan 4, 2010

    And I'm a cop and just because you activate your lights and sirens doesn't give you the right to drive with absolute immunity and make unsafe movements that jeopardize public safety. I hope they are considering citin the woman for failure to yield to a emergency vehicle

  • Duke _Nukem Jan 4, 2010

    Ummmmm, yes charges should be filed. The officer needs to be cited for failure to yiled the right of way. If that was Joe Citizen who did that he would have been cited at the scene. If the weather was incliment to the point that it possed a hazard for him to do so, he should have been more cautious or not have run radar at all.