In memory of Tracker, 2009-2011

Posted February 15, 2011
Updated January 16

Dear Friends:

It is with deep sadness that I’m writing to let you know that Tracker passed away last night at Harmony Animal Hospital. As you know, Tracker had suffered from uncontrollable cluster seizures for some time and he did not recover from the last episode. It is most likely that he had an underlying physiological condition that affected him neurologically and in the end caused irreparable brain damage. We’ll never really know.

What we do know is that Tracker was a special dog. From the moment he walked into the WRAL newsroom as the pet of the day, it was apparent that he was not just another cute puppy. His air of confidence made him stand out from all the rest and was what made many of us fall in love with him. He had a “star” quality about him that made him the appropriate choice to become our newsroom dog. Tracker’s dad and I feel there was a purpose to Tracker’s short life and if reaching out to our viewers and readers through his antics, appearances, and even his illness made a small difference in someone’s life, then his legacy will continue.

I want to thank everyone who touched Tracker’s life in some way. The good people at the SPCA of Wake County, who gave us their blessing to make Tracker the WRAL Newshound, supported him in so many ways and included him as a member of their extended family. His trainers at Teamworks Dog Training, especially Ms. Christie, worked diligently with him from a sincere since of caring and reveled in his accomplishments with true pride. From his first visit as a puppy, Tracker received excellent care from Dr. Jodi and everyone at Harmony Animal Hospital. He loved Dr. Jodi because she understood him and out of trust there grew a strong bond between them that surpassed the usual doctor-doggie relationship. I’d also like to acknowledge the neurology staff at the N.C. State School of Veterinary Medicine and thank them for their continued care and feedback during his illness.

To everyone at WRAL-TV and Capitol Broadcasting, Tracker’s Dad and I cannot thank you enough for taking him in and making him a member of our company family. He grabbed your lunches, slobbered on your clothes, shredded your papers, and brought a little bit of chaos into our newsroom every time he was there. Tracker always got so excited when we pulled into the station parking lot because he knew he was at his second home to visit his “family”. Now he is in his final home where he is not in pain and can truly be his rascally self.

And so, finally, for you, his fans and friends, I have the most appreciation. Through his mishaps and mischievous ways, you accepted him for who he was and never judged, but always gave him your full support. Tracker will be missed by all who knew him, but I take great comfort in knowing how much he was loved during his short life. If he ever put a smile on your face or made you chuckle, then he made a difference before he left us. And we can probably all agree that he is now giving the angels a run for their money.

Thank you all for letting us share him with you.

Tracker’s Mom

Leesa M. Moore

Despite his fame and celebrity, Tracker never forgot his humble roots as a shelter dog. Donations can be made in his name to the SPCA of Wake County.


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  • magalo555 Feb 25, 2011

    We are so sorry to hear about Tracker. We loved to hear the dog walking report every evening. God bless you all and I am going downstairs righ now to give our aged dog a big hug and take him on his beloved daily car ride....

  • Nette Feb 22, 2011

    I am so sorry to learn of Tracker's death...I am reminded of the poem Rainbow Bridge...As the owner of 2 dogs and others before I know your sorrow...I really enjoyed following him on Facebook and keeping up with him on WRAL - always enjoyed the pics of was so great for WRAL to have him and maybe another rescue will enter your lives both at the station and personally...

  • catlady Feb 22, 2011

    So sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing Tracker with us--the viewers. I love animals- I know he will be very missed. God Bless All of You at WRAL for all you and his family did to make his life wonderful and memorable.

  • please-stand-by Feb 22, 2011

    As a dog owner who has had to make that difficult decision, my heart goes out to everyone who knew Tracker. Luckily, God created dogs to be our companions. Unfortunately, they always leave us too soon. But rest assured that God has another dog to fill your heart, just has He has for me.

  • pinkiglock Feb 21, 2011

    RIP Tracker. I was so sorry to hear of your passing -- You brightened the news and most definitely the weather. May you find peace over the Rainbow Bridge

  • liskm Feb 18, 2011

    RIP, Tracker.
    Thank you for taking him in and giving him the good life later on in his life! I'm sure he was most thankful.

  • tayled Feb 18, 2011

    Sometimes, it's hard to know things or how to handle them. I never met Tracker, but really enjoyed the segments he was in on WRAL. I had a lab several years ago that I had to put down when he developed a similar condition. My condolences to you all.

  • voermanc Feb 18, 2011

    Very sad times, so sorry, it was such a short time. I lost my Jake Jan 12 after 13 years and feel so fortunate to be in their lives no matter how long they are are.

  • mallen2 Feb 18, 2011

    I am so sorry to learn of Tracker's passing. I always enjoyed reading about his antics and he brought many smiles to my days.

  • pjones1369 Feb 18, 2011

    RIP Tracker. Enjoy peace at Rainbow Bridge. Your friends and family will be united with you there. Until Then...