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Improvements on troubled I-795 recognized

Posted March 7, 2012

— Interstate 795 in eastern North Carolina opened in 2005, and within 16 months, the $120 million road inexplicably started crumbling.

Millions of dollars were spent repairing it, and nearly seven years after the highway opened, the state and the company that helped repave it is being recognized for its work.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association on Wednesday awarded the North Carolina Department of Transportation and Wilson-based S.T. Wooten Corp. with the 2011 Sheldon G. Hayes Award.

According to the group's website, the honor recognizes "high-quality construction practices resulting in smooth, safe and durable pavements."

"It's great. I mean, it's like winning the Super Bowl of the asphalt paving industry," Wooten general manager Reade Dawson said. "There is no higher award than this. It doesn't get any bigger than this."

Wooten won the $5.9 million contract in 2009 to repave an 8-mile stretch of the roadway.

A DOT investigation into the pavement problems determined that, in part, state standards were inadequate in making sure the roadway would be able to handle traffic.

"I'm very proud of the award," DOT engineer Wendi Johnson said. "I think it shows that even if you have a meager beginning, you can still achieve a very high standard."


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  • oleguy Mar 7, 2012

    Folks you dont know the half it,,, Every time you see a yellow truck sitting at a store 4 to5 hours a day,, you are paying at least 3 people to do nothing

  • davidgnews Mar 7, 2012

    There's never enough time to do it right, but always time to do it over..... Who paved it the first time? Was the repaving at taxpayer expense as well?

    There were similar problems with the road in front of our house a few years ago, and happened within two months of resurfacing.

    I'm guessing that bid rigging never went away.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 7, 2012

    The state is happily celebrating spending more money to fix something that wasn't done right the first time.

    No wonder we have the highest gas tax in the southeast along with the other high taxes that we have.

    We had to pay for this mess and the I-40 debacle between the Durham Freeway and 15-501 when they widened the road to six lanes.

  • dbg27822 Mar 7, 2012

    I wonder if they will ever correct the Mile Marker and Exit numbering. Odd number Interstates count Mile Markers and Exits from south to north, not north to south as I795 is.

  • Scare Crow Mar 7, 2012

    Now what?

  • chuck1947 Mar 7, 2012

    I guess it does'nt always pay to go with the low bidder, no matter whose brother-in-law he is.