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Impasse could darken some Fayetteville streets

Posted December 22, 2010

— A ongoing dispute between Progress Energy and the city of Fayetteville could lead to thousands of street lights being shut off, officials said Wednesday.

The city has refused to pay Progress Energy since July for the operating cost of residential street lights in neighborhoods served by the Raleigh-based utility.

Lloyd Yates, chief executive of Progress Energy Carolinas, said in a letter that the utility has held off on shutting down the lights "because the persons who will suffer the consequences of the city's non-payment (the homeowners) are blameless."

Fayetteville officials said the cost of operating the street lights should be paid by homeowners, noting other utilities routinely bill residents for such costs. Progress Energy needs to petition state regulators to allow it to bill customers, officials said.

Both sides said they continue to work on a solution to the impasse.

"(We) cannot allow this situation to continue," Yates said. "The city's continued refusal to pay its bills without consequences is not an option."


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  • oleguy Dec 24, 2010

    I pay for the lights that light up my back yard. You want lights pay for them... Most B&E guys dont like the dark, they cant see whats around,, You never can tell when the home owner is waiting in a dark area, Locked and loaded , with a hole dug of course

  • ksatterfield1978 Dec 22, 2010

    As if I don't already feel unsafe in Fayetteville, now we have to worry about dark streets and apartment complexes. That just screams please break into my vehicle or steal my kids toys outside, or hey come rape me while walking to and from my car.

  • mikeyj Dec 22, 2010

    I fore see a crime spree in the city of Fayetteville coming soon. Wasn't it a revolutionary cry? TO ARMS TO ARMS.

  • ONGODSPATH Dec 22, 2010

    NCcarguy....I AGREE

  • Mike in NC Dec 22, 2010

    Those of you posting here that think Fayetteville is paying for your street lights better review your PWC bill again...you have been paying for years!

  • nogade Dec 22, 2010

    ha ha ha lol lol, sure glad I don't live there! lol ha ha ha, the city of fayetnam has obviously hit rock bottom this time.

  • scientistjo Dec 22, 2010

    This should be under the "Strange News" section. The street lamp isn't YOUR light, it's the city's light. The city has been paying the bill for 100+ years (paid a guy to light the lamp with fire at one point)...they just now decide it's for individuals to pay? Yeah, right.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Dec 22, 2010

    One thing Fayetteville does NOT need.....DARK STREETS!

  • brad1300busa Dec 22, 2010

    Just another way to make the residents pay twice. Who's pocket is the second payment going into?

  • brad1300busa Dec 22, 2010

    Pay the bill, isnt that why we pay city taxes