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Illegal Durham liquor houses raided

Posted March 25, 2011

— The state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement has charged eight people with running illegal liquor houses in Durham, authorities said Friday.

ALE agents and Durham police raided six locations a week ago after a three-month investigation, authorities said. Complaints from neighbors prompted the investigation.

Beer, liquor, non-tax paid liquor, marijuana, prescription medications, gambling paraphernalia and cash were seized from 605 Canal St., 1412 Fay St., 907 Drew St., Apt. B, 1512 N. Hyde Park Ave., 519 E. Main St., Apt 102 and 1107 Lowry St.

“These illegal bars and clubs are used by local drug dealers to sell illegal controlled substances and are a major source of criminal activity in the community.” ALE Special Agent-in-Charge Jeff Lasater said in a statement.

Most of those arrested were charged with possessing and selling alcohol without a permit from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission.


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  • dta27615 Mar 25, 2011

    Seems like the ALE is more interested in the lost tax revenue...

  • zProt Mar 25, 2011

    If all you good people in Cary, Raleigh, Apex, etc., think that these sorts of things aren't happening in your neck of the woods, think again - you're in denial. Just because Durham has it's problems and doesn't have as many "pretty", wealthy, white people residing in it as, say, Cary, it's easy for an unsavory perception about it to grow and perpetuate.

  • aquamarine46 Mar 25, 2011

    Saberage.............Obviously, you are not very familiar with Durham.......The addresses that are listed in this story are all in the East Durham Section of town.......not exactly where the Cream of the Crop resides. That is also where most of the stories you read about Durham are based. So, FYI, it isn't ALL of Durham, it is only a section........Just like EVERY OTHER TOWN. Now you can consider yourself informed. Thanks......a Durham lover.

  • brettb Mar 25, 2011

    If you are going to quote statistics at least get the statistics correct. Don't mix and match things to make your point stronger. According to your link...in Durham you have a 1 in 118 chance of having a crime commited against you, not 1 in 14. However, there is a 1 in 14 chance of property crime. Dont take the lower property crime and compare it to the higher violent crime....doesn't work that way. Raleigh is 1 in 147 not a whole lot better than Durham. Crime index is about the same for Durham and Carrboro. Chapel Hill...safer for violent crime but about the same as Durham for property crime. If you look closer...most of the Durham crime happens in a couple of areas of Durham...not the entire city. Charlotte is only an index of 2 with violence of 1 in 74 and property of 1 in 11. The point is...analyze the data in its entirety before posting and please only post the facts...not pick and choose which to post based on how you want to skew your point.

  • allsmileshere Mar 25, 2011

    @ emwolb playing cards are the devils work
    and reading golo is too!

  • emwolb Mar 25, 2011

    playing cards are the devils work

  • Vita Brevis Ars Longa Mar 25, 2011

    Yeah tommy5, thanks for the link to Carrboro crime. ( I live in Chapel Hill actually). But Carrborro PALES in comparison to the city of Durham at the very same site you linked. as you see in Durham you have a One in Fourteen chance of being a victim of a crime vs 1 in 198 for the rest of NC. Who wants to risk odds like that?

  • Shadow666 Mar 25, 2011

    "If you possess a simple plant, the government will send its stormtroopers after you to commit violence against you and lock you up. If you make alcohol without paying into their racket, they will send the gestapo after you to lock you up and commit violence against your person."

    "You're joking right?"

    Sadly they're not.

  • gmuny33 Mar 25, 2011

    Saberage, please stop. Did you not see the robberies and crimes that have taken place in Raleigh, do you not constantly read about the pedephiles in Cary, and we all know where the real illegal alcohol is made and sold, Johnston Co. Funny how you anti-Durham haters ignore and bypass all the crime that is posted on local news other times, and we all know local news will many times step over a dead person on the streets of Raleigh, Cary to report an argument on the playgrounds of Durham. Did you not notice the neighbors alerted the police, meaning the people of Durham want better for their neighborhood and themselves, so what does that say about the blind eyes in Johnston and Wake Co.?

  • gmuny33 Mar 25, 2011

    The little money made in these liquor houses don't compare to the balloon salaries of New Hanover and Mecklenberg Co. I mean really, gambling paraphenalia, what's that, a deck of cards and some poker chips. 4 Men in every bonus room or basement in RDU on a Friday or Saturday night could get that charge. I'm glad to see a true neighborhood watch though, and not just the sign spray painted over.