No need for ID to vote this week

Posted October 6, 2013
Updated October 7, 2013

— The state's new voter identification requirement may be in the news, but it will not go into effect until 2016.

A handful of election changes did go into effect this year. The most noticeable changes for 2013 are provisions that end the ability of 16- and 17-year-olds from registering to vote before they turn 18 and another that allows funeral homes to help families of the deceased report the death to the State Board of Elections.

Voting Q&A, candidates for Oct. 8 races

Bigger changes go into effect next year, including changes to campaign finance requirements, alterations to the early voting period and the elimination of same-day registration during the early voting period. 

While local boards of election will start distributing information on photo ID requirements in 2014, and free ID cards will be available in 2014, the photo ID requirement won't kick in until 2016. 

As for this year's municipal and bond elections, there's no ID required. 

"We're still working under the laws as they were in the past year," said Gary Sims, deputy director of elections in Wake County.

Voters, he said, will still simply need to state their name and address when they come to the polls Tuesday.

What if someone wants to show their ID?

"We won't say no," he said. "It's just not a requirement."


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  • gotnoid Oct 9, 2013

    I cannot believe this is still a news story- It seems to me that is a non-issue that that has been use by both sides to for no useful purpose.
    There is no evidence of wide spread fraud nor it there any real evidence that many people who want to vote lack ID.

  • PACK_SKINS_CANES Oct 8, 2013

    I would be happy to show my ID!!

  • protestthis Oct 7, 2013

    geoherb1.. hope you are voting in the same place i am..
    Guess what .. I'm showing my id.


  • Mon Account Oct 7, 2013

    No ID for absentee ballots? We know who benefits from those votes.

  • Sumo Vita Oct 7, 2013

    "I suppose you were also in line at the grocery store and saw folks using food stamps to buy lobster."

    Gun nuts keep losing it and murdering people by the dozens, but heavens help us if we dare penalize the beneficiaries of lax gun laws. Meanwhile, some right-wing loon fantasizes about food stamps being used to buy lobster, and ALL the poor get penalized with reductions in SNAP. Hypocrisy, Republican style.

  • cbuckyoung Oct 7, 2013

    Respecting that your vote is not being stolen requires a photo ID. You had to have one to get into the national NAACP convention this year.

  • geoherb1 Oct 7, 2013

    No matter your stance on voter ID, please don't hold up the line by trying to show one until it's required. A woman ahead of me in line during early voting did that. And then argued with the poll worker about it. Multiply that times a few hundred and the extra minutes people are doing that start to add up at each polling place.

  • GOPtakersSociety Oct 7, 2013

    You have 3 yrs to get registered (forget same day registration, you have 3 yrs). And you have 3 yrs before you lose 7 days of early voting. SO maybe you can fix you schedule to handle voting in the 8 days you will have to vote... 3 yrs from now.


    yes.......and now to the "Real" folks that vote..... 2014 is also a election year!

  • GOPtakersSociety Oct 7, 2013

    No ID needed! Hum, so may I go into a bank and ask for a counter check and then make out check to Abraham Lincoln for 5000.00? If allowed,do you think they will give me $5000.00 in cash? If I go into a public assistance office will they just hand me whatever I ask for or do they require ID?


    maybe in the backwoods of Kentucky...... and I'm sure there is someone in the USA or the World named Abraham Lincoln

  • jweaks Oct 7, 2013

    "One thing I would change is to allow someone would be to allow 17 Y.O to register, IF they will turn 18 when the next election cycle takes place."

    No need to change because 17 year olds WILL be able to register for elections in which they will be 18. The statement to the contrary in the article is wrong.