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I'm a Victim of Identity Theft and They Still Try to Collect

Posted February 5, 2014

WRAL Reader Question

Dear Steve,

I was the victim of fraud on a private NCT/AES student loan. Someone forged my name on a promissory note. I filed a police report, filled out a fraud kit, and contested the loan, but I'm encountering two problems:

1. The debt continues to be resold among different companies.

2. I have been unable to get final resolution from the creditor.

REQUEST - Do you have advice on how I can get final resolution?


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Dear Adam,

Well you've done everything right so you deserve a huge pat on the back. For anyone who is a victim of identity theft here is my very comprehensive guide on what to do to fight back against identify theft. But Adam in your case many of those steps would not apply since it does not sound as if you are an ongoing victim of this terrible crime.

Sadly the situation you describe is not unusual following such an event.

There are two primary approaches to deal with this. The first is to continue to battle this using a wack-a-mole strategy every time this pops up when bad data is sold from one debt buyer to another.

The second would be to make an affordable investment in getting legal help to end this once and for all. Honestly I think hiring a lawyer experienced in these sorts of issues would be a very sound investment and would have the highest chance of ending this problem quickly. Ironically, if they continued this pursuit this legal approach could potentially make you money as well in debt collection violations.

I can give you two options on where to look for this specialized help. The first would be to visit the website for the National Association for Consumer Advocates at and look for an attorney in your area.

The second option, if you live in North Carolina, would be a skilled and aggressive consumer attorney I know who you might want to call. I receive no compensation from this recommendation or referral. He is very affordable. His name is Chris Livingston, Esq. and he can be reached at 910-876-7001 or by email at His website is a hot mess so don't have a knee-jerk reaction from that. I've watched him be incredibly tenacious at fighting for consumers.

At the end of the day though you should find an experienced lawyer with consumer debt and collection defense experience that you trust, respect, and can afford. 


Steve Rhode
WRAL Get Out of Debt Guy

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