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I-95 Crash Involves 2 Tractor-Trailers

Posted June 25, 2007
Updated June 26, 2007

— Two tractor-trailers were involved in a crash on Interstate 95 northbound Monday afternoon between the 144 and 145 mile markers, north of Rocky Mount, the Highway Patrol said.

Amparo Garcia, 58, of Bailey, didn't realize traffic had come to a stop because of construction and that traffic was merging right, troopers said. Garcia's semi rear-ended a rig driven by Elijah McDaniel, 33, of Sumter, S.C., at about 4 p.m.

Both men were taken to Nash General Hospital, where they were listed in stable condition.

Northbound traffic was reduced to one lane until after 7 p.m., when both lanes were opened.

Garcia faces a charge of failure to reduce speed, troopers said.

There was an unconfirmed report early on of a fuel spill resulting from the accident.


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  • shine Jun 26, 2007

    Are we saying he is hispanic because his last name is Garcia?? There are alot of people with the last name "Garcia" who are not hispanic........... Anyone ever heard of "Jerry Garcia".

  • ladyblue Jun 26, 2007

    Reader's Digest this month has one scary story a bout illegals who are driving our trucks, even with deadly materials on them. I was amazing how many stateDMV's help them pass the written test.USDOT identified out of about 15,000 truckers in 27 states that 1/3 of them had lost licenses and still driving. States sold license to some who ran over most of the cones during driving test. It goes on and on . Our good truckers out here get bad names because of these drivers. I think truckers who know what they are doing are some of the best drivers on the road. NC doesn't have the crown on this. I also learned that any violations a driver gets on personal vehicle does not go into truckers record unless his regular license were suspended or revoked in some states. I am glad this man was not hurt who got run into and no cars were involved.

  • twybird587 Jun 26, 2007

    I have often wondered if you could not speak English how can you read the road signs. To me if you cannot read the road signs that is putting the driver and other drivers in danger. I am not saying the driver could not speak English because I do not know but that is a question I have wondered about for awhile now.

  • yaright Jun 26, 2007

    Forget the language teach them how to drive, DOT hands out licences like candy, I bet I could take 10 people of the street here in NC give them a written test and 70% would fail. I have never seen so many deadly accidents since I moved here where weather never played a part in it just stupidity.

  • corginole Jun 26, 2007

    In the past 7 days, I logged over 2,000 miles driving between Flordia & Maryland (and back to the Triangle). The construction zones were not always clearly marked (being warned to merge right when it was actually the right lane that ended up closed comes to mind...). In one case, traffic started backing up 7 miles before the merge to one lane on I-85 in South Carolina. A little hard for the construction company to anticipate when/where to place the merge signs.

    Regardless, the driver should have paid better attention to the actual traffic conditions and brake lights in front of him.


  • pete Jun 26, 2007

    it's very possible that mr. garcia, didn't UNDERSTAND , the posted signs directing traffic, this type of accident will continue to happen until we ensure that these hispanic speaking public that are to live in our communities , shop at our stores and especialy drive on our roads UNDERSTAND OUR LANGUAGE ,not just enough to pass the drivers test , but enough that they can us the english language for their primary means of communication.

  • shine Jun 26, 2007

    Construction areas are usually posted a couple of miles from the actual job site on interstates. Maybe this one was not.

  • Skywatch_NC Jun 26, 2007

    One would think that there would be a lighted arrow sign indicating lane work ahead to avoid such an accident.

  • Just4curiosity Jun 26, 2007

    Truckers may not always have their CB radio turned on.... the trash talk on channel 19 gets pretty bad sometimes. At least he hit another big rig and not a small car which would have been much worse.

  • Here kitty kitty Jun 26, 2007

    I thought truckers communicated about such things...unless he couldn't understand/speak English? Hmmm.....