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I-40 wreck snarls morning commute

Posted October 1, 2012

A two-car crash on westbound Interstate 40 briefly shut down the highway during the morning commute Monday.

The crash happened about 8 a.m. on I-40 at Jones Sausage Road in Garner. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said a woman driving a Toyota hit her brakes, causing her car to swerve to the right.

When she swerved, she hit a pickup truck owned by a plumbing company. The truck lost control, and the car overturned.

The drivers were the only occupants of the vehicles. Both had minor injuries, troopers said.

All lanes were closed while crews worked to clear the wreck.
There was no information on charges.


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  • LordHelpUsAll Oct 1, 2012

    I sat there too for the longest time this morning....counting my blessings that I wasn't the ones involved and praying they were all ok. I'm glad they were. Be careful on 40 guys! It's no joke out there! Tons of vehicles going 60-80+ mph... one wrong move and here today, gone tomorrow, in a blink!

  • Disabled Vet Oct 1, 2012

    Pull them off the road...typical type A personality. Somebody could've been killed, maybe some of your own family and you were inconvenienced.

  • Scubagirl Oct 1, 2012

    "Pull them off the road and let traffic roll on."

    they do a bit more than pull them off the road, but then if you'd like to run over auto parts, broken glass etc I'm sure that can be arranged. Folks need to just chill when something like this happens instead of looking for the shoulder etc to get around the mess. Yes, it's a bit of an inconvenience for drivers to have to deal with the aftermath of an accident (avoidable or not) but I can bet you that YOUR day is no where near as bad as the driver(s) of said accident participants.

  • outhousecat Oct 1, 2012

    I was caught in that debacle this morning. I finally turned around and went another way. The state HAS to improve the time it takes to clear away wrecks. There is no need for traffic to be blocked for hours while a couple of cars are towed away. Pull them off the road and let traffic roll on.

    PS I hope the people involved are ok. I just needed to rant a little on Monday morning.

  • Twittyfan Oct 1, 2012

    jblake1932 you said it.. It doesn't matter if it is raining etc there are some crazy drivers.

  • I know some stuff Oct 1, 2012

    actually, it was the pickup TRUCK that overturned, not the Camry.
    Contributing to the rollover....it was fully loaded and top heavy.
    Contractor trucks are a menace on the highway. They're always in a hurry, overloaded, and lose stuff...the front of my car has the dents to show it, I have the repair bills to prove it.

  • Scubagirl Oct 1, 2012

    yep jblake, I would say that is EXACTLY what happened. What was interesting to me watching the traffic cam after the wreck and when they were opening up lanes folks were STILL driving crazy, cutting in front of people, etc. SMH at crazy drivers......

  • jblake1932 Oct 1, 2012

    A wreck on I-40, during rain? Tell me it ain't so!! So funny, it's called speeding and following to close!