I-40 to close Sunday for Durham bridge installation

Posted April 25, 2013
Updated April 27, 2013

The American Tobacco Trail in Durham is popular with joggers, bicyclists and families.

— Interstate 40 in Durham will close for about seven hours Sunday, starting at midnight, as road crews to install a 270-foot pedestrian bridge for the American Tobacco Trail.

Both directions of I-40 from Fayetteville Road (Exit 276) to N.C. Highway 751 (Exit 274) will be shut down while crews use a crane to set four pre-assembled sections of the bridge in place.

"The actual placement will be very slow and very careful so they can make sure they get it right," Ed Venable, with Durham Public Works, said.

Traffic backups began a few hours ahead of the scheduled interstate closure as crews started blocking lanes.

Local traffic headed westbound on I-40 will be detoured onto N.C. Highway 54 to N.C. 751 and back to I-40.

Eastbound motorists will be detoured at N.C. 751, onto Renaissance Parkway to Fayetteville Road at the Streets of Southpoint, then back on I-40 East.

City of Durham officials said the best route for people passing through the Triangle will be N.C. Highway 147.

Following Sunday's work, crews will move forward with the installation of the bridge deck, fencing and lighting.

The $9 million project, which is scheduled to finish in July, will provide a 4.2-mile connection between Fayetteville Street, N.C. 54 and the Chatham County line.


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  • jpd9930 Apr 26, 2013 my plan to travel the entire length of the trail this summer...looks like it will happen.

    Did the Durham city portion with no issues from the local criminals..

  • thewayitis Apr 26, 2013

    Our tax dollars at work...

  • kornfan2448 Apr 26, 2013

    "LOL, the bridge for the miscreants that have been causing so much trouble on the trail lately to spread even further...."

    Or you could think of the hundreds upon hundreds of non-miscreants that use the trail and will really enjoy it. Cheer up, the sun still shines despite the clouds.

  • lwe1967 Apr 25, 2013

    To silvfx, I didn't see one thing in the above article to say what you have stated. Where did you get your facts? If you're going to make an accusation, please be able to back it up and not just trying to say and do what the NC Capitol said a couple of weeks ago about the memo coming from local dems that they are going to use an assault camgaign against conservatives and the GOP because they are unhappy that dems lost the election.

  • TWON Apr 25, 2013

    I am so very happy this is finally going to happen. I use the trail serveral times each week, and would prefer staying on the south end of the trail. Right now I have to go through the tougher areas.

  • silvfx Apr 25, 2013

    wow hard to imagine conservatives are against something the public will use and enjoy, something that enhances the quality of life. Support for projects like this usually comes from educated progressive citizens who generally earn higher incomes and pay more taxes. Just saying...

  • btneast Apr 25, 2013

    What a great benefit to the area this will be.

    LOL, the bridge for the miscreants that have been causing so much trouble on the trail lately to spread even further....

  • Obamacare survives Apr 25, 2013

    Hopefully the deer population uses the bridge instead of wandering out into traffic on the busy highway.

  • TriangleMommy Apr 25, 2013

    Yippie another pedestrian bridge that cost us money we don't have!

  • Cock a doodle doo Apr 25, 2013

    "As much as I drive on I-440, I've never seen anybody on the walking bridge over I-440."

    Every time I cross that bridge on a run, I usually pass by at least half a dozen people going the other way, and on weekends, there are hundreds of people using the trail and the bridge.