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I-40 ramp closed for next month

Posted January 7, 2009

— The state Department of Transportation on Wednesday closed the Exit 1B ramp (blue) from westbound Interstate 440 to westbound Interstate 40.

The closure is needed so crews can install a new drainage system, officials said.

The project is expected to be completed in about four weeks. In the meantime, drivers are advised to use the Wade Avenue exit (orange) off I-440 to get to I-40.


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  • 8675309-9 Jan 8, 2009

    this closure really isnt that big of a deal, i always use the dual clover leaf method to head southbound on US1 and 64 comming from the crossroads onramp.

    For those that need to head 40 West from US 1 South, just take the 3 cloverleafs like frayedknot said. (40 east, US 1 North(inner beltine) then back onto 40 west. Easy as Pie.

  • ljcs357 Jan 8, 2009

    not good

  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Jan 7, 2009

    Excellent tip frayedknot. I use that same method when leaving the Best Buy / REI area of Crossroads to head back down US-1 south, except I only have to do two cloverleafs. It's a whole lot easier to me than fighting through all those lights on Walnut street...

  • Fuquay Resident Jan 7, 2009

    ok, I don't see anything in blue on the map and every road on there is orange. What gives? Is this the exit to get on 40W comming from Sanford or from Raleigh? I made it in to work today and didn't have to detour so I guess I'm ok.

  • wralfan Jan 7, 2009

    When is DOT adding a lane on I-40 between US1 and Wade Ave? It is sorely needed.

  • frayedknot Jan 7, 2009

    Just take the very next exit (to I-40 eastbound), stay in the right line, go through 3 cloverleafs, and you'll be going the direction you wanted.

  • Z Man Jan 7, 2009

    I don't use that ramp but instead it merges into the I40 access road I do use. For goodness sake this is going to create a mess!

    What about people below Wade Ave. (Hillsboro, Western, Jones Franklin) taking I440 to Crossroads area for westbound I40? They'll have to go north to Wade Ave. instead.

    I did notice a small lake recently between the access road, the ramp they are alluding to, and I40 west to US 1 south ramp (loop). They're going to ruin our swimming and fishing!