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I-40 in Johnston County reopens after wreck

Posted April 1, 2009

— A truck wrecked on Interstate 40 near exit 315 Wednesday afternoon, spilling fuel and causing miles of delays for travelers.

Wrecked truck stalls traffic on I-40. Sky 5: Wrecked truck stalls I-40 traffic

The road was closed in both directions for about 45 minutes. All lanes have since reopened, according to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office, but significant delays remain.


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  • sundown6074 Apr 1, 2009

    OLDREBEL there is markings on the door of the tractor.Its a specialty trailer that could be used to haul some type of exhibit or high dollar cars like Porshe or Jaguars.

  • TomLynda Apr 1, 2009

    OldRebel -
    That does seem odd. No markings that I can see on the cab or the trailer. Makes you wonder what he was hauling doesn't it?

  • ImFindingMyself Apr 1, 2009

    i live in this area and the back ups were all the way to both exits ( 312 and 319)

  • floriduhschoolboy Apr 1, 2009

    306 should be fine. You should be good all the way up until 312, depending on where the backups start occuring.

  • oldrebel Apr 1, 2009

    Anyone else notice anything odd about this trailer. No commercial marking that I can see anywhere on it. And it doesn't really look like a "normal" cargo trailer. Any idea on contents?

  • CLR Apr 1, 2009

    Maybe they meant mile marker 315? I can get off at 303 instead of going to 306.

  • lynyrdskynyrd016 Apr 1, 2009

    Being there was fuel spilled, Haz-Mat has to come in and make sure that all of the fuel is removed. Its a big safety hazard. They also has to make sure that none of the fuel spilled in to the water ways either. Yes this is causing lots and lots of back-ups, but remember one thing, there are side roads that were used long befor I-40 was put in place. People can use them to get home. Might take 10-15 minutes longer, but its better then sitting in traffic. Fire Fighters and Haz-Mat techs. do not take their time with this. They try to get it dont as fast and safe as possible. If they rushed this and left some gas/fuel on the roadways and a sparked caused a fire, people would be complaining about that.

  • no contest Apr 1, 2009

    I will never understand why they just don't push the cars off to the side or tow them away and let people drive through. How long can it take to measure a skid mark, write it down and go home?

  • ImFindingMyself Apr 1, 2009

    WRAL, there is NO exit 315. The only exits in this area would be 312 ( 40/42 area) and 319 ( Mcgees Crossroads). This is going to make for a long commute home for many!