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I-40 crash leaves man with broken bones

Posted March 24, 2009
Updated March 25, 2009

— Emergency crews had to cut a man out of his car Tuesday evening after it crashed on Interstate 40 at N.C. Highway 55.

The man, whose name was not released, drove off the road to the right, over-corrected, crossed all lanes of traffic, hit a barrier, went back across the lanes of traffic, down an embankment and hit a tree, according to Durham police.

The Hispanic man, who is in his mid-20s, survived, and a medical helicopter flew him to UNC Hospitals. He had some broken bones, police said.

Officers said they believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, which happened just after 9 p.m.

I-40 was closed for 35 to 40 minutes as crews worked the crash.

No other information was available.


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  • SamTheMan Mar 26, 2009

    @lissara Age matters when reporting car accidents. So does the sex of the driver. Younger people - especially men - generally get into more accidents. When you read a report like this, you are looking into and trying to figure out what happened. The driver's age factors into this. The driver's race does not.

  • manofjustice Mar 25, 2009

    this man could have had a cold and was going to get some more cough medicine. cough medicine can make you drunk also. he may have not even known it was alcohol in the cough medicine. you don't know what happened just of yet so stop judging this nice man.

  • lvhv2003 Mar 25, 2009

    Get ready for more drunk driving crashes. Sen. Tony Rand introduced a bill to allow liquor sales on Sunday. That means the ABC stores will be open 7 days a week if it passes. The liquor industry gets its way again. Is anybody outraged? Let's forbid tobacco anywhere possible . . . but alcohol has never been more glamorized. WRAL, why are you not reporting about this terrible bill? Is the liquor industry in Sen. Rand's pocket?

  • Travised Mar 25, 2009

    Interesting take on an accident...

    "..Emergency crews had to cut a man out of his car Tuesday evening after it crashed." (from article)

    So the car crashed while IT (the car) was driving causing harm, to the person IT was transporting? Always blame the car, not the driver, good idea!!

  • lissarra Mar 25, 2009

    Who cares about his race? What about his age? Why was that included? Ageist mongrels!

  • SamTheMan Mar 25, 2009

    Oh. I get it. You list the person's race on here so that the good citizens of Raleigh can have an excuse to stereotype the race.

  • MsKimberly Mar 25, 2009

    Why was the mans race added?

  • SamTheMan Mar 25, 2009

    Why mentoin the man's race? Does that make any difference to the story? Is that news? What kind of shoes was he wearing? What is his favorite food? I don't care. Similarly, I could not care less what race someone is who is driving down the road drunk and causes a big problem. Would you have mentioned his race had he been white? Perusing your other articles, I think not. Again, how does the man's race contribute to this story?

  • Nancy Mar 25, 2009

    Why is the title to this story about his stupid broken bones???

    Shouldn't it be titled: "Another drunk wrecks"

  • tiger50 Mar 25, 2009

    We came through this area on Monday . .. so glad we were not here on Tuesday when this guy decided to drive drunk on I-40 and wipe out ....what a jerk. STAY OFF THE ROADS all you drunk jerks. Good grief.