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Hunting accident victim ID'd as Louisburg teen

Posted September 7, 2010
Updated September 8, 2010

— Officials have released the identity of a teenager killed Monday afternoon while hunting near Louisburg.

Lt. John Reams of the state Wildlife Resources Commission said Jared Kyle Wynne, 18, of Louisburg, died from a gunshot wound while hunting on Medlin Lanen near Rocky Ford.

Wynne and his 51-year-old uncle were hunting when the uncle swung his gun to shoot a dove. The nephew stood up in front of the gun just as it was going off, Reams said. The gunshot hit Wynne in the head, killing him instantly.

Family members say the horrible accident cut short a life with much promise.

“I looked up to him and when I needed advice, or anything was going hard for me, he was my go-to guy in everything in life,” said Kyle Wynne's cousin, Dylan Wynne.

“It is just a tragic situation and I hate that it happened,” said Wynne's brother, Kevin Tant.

Thirty-eight other hunters were in the area at the time of the shooting. No one else was injured.


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  • seansuperdad Sep 9, 2010

    sad situation all of the way around. BTW, I challenge anyone to film a hunter drinking while actively hunting. Send me the film sean_super_dad at yahoo dot com. Trouble is you won't be able to do it because that is an old stereotype that is worn out. Do you realize how horrible this must have been? I have been very involved with the shooting sports for many years on all levels and seen combat. I hate letting my son go hunting thinking about the "what ifs" but I know that hunting is still one of the safest sports. (Smokers leave way more trash laying around) Honestly I can say I know how the family feels and it is not good. Anyone needing to talk to someone who is not related to this accident who understands, contact me. Be strong.

  • mwilmurphy Sep 9, 2010

    Good Lord people.

  • CATEYES47 Sep 9, 2010

    Tomorrow will be a sad day for those in goldsand,laurel mill and alert communties we will be putting to rest one of our young ones and that is always a hard thing to do as it is without alot of harsh comments from people that don't even know these people or what happened..So lets all just keep the Wynne family and friends in our hearts and prayers cause they need that more than anything at this time....RIP Jared you will be missed by many

  • circletfarm5 Sep 9, 2010

    I do not understand why people are worried about typos and trash left behind...what is wrong with you people. A PERSON DIED!!!!! for GOD sake!! If this is what this world has come to maybe we should all hang our heads in SHAME. I myself am embarrassed and ashamed to see all this. Wynne family you all are in MY PRAYERS!

  • batman8532554 Sep 9, 2010

    Forget about the dove or the trash left on the field!!! It can be cleaned, but you cant bring back my friend. I'm tired of crying I'm tired of losing and I'm tired off reading stupid opinions on the situation.

  • batman8532554 Sep 9, 2010

    Jared was my friend growing up. I love him so much. He will be dearly missed. I still can't believe it. We started kindergarten together and just graduated together. Only the good die young.

  • podtalk Sep 8, 2010

    aharp, I for one will pray for all those involved. What a tragedy. So sorry for your loss.

  • CATEYES47 Sep 8, 2010

    I agree with everything that aharp has said..The only thing anyone needs to be thinking about now is the family and how hard this is on them.We need to keep Jared's family in our prayers not pointing out what could of been,,should of been..I for one know this has been hard for my son,,they were good friends. Try to imagine what Mike and Cindy are going through And put yourself in their shoes..RIP Jared..

  • aharp Sep 8, 2010

    I am shocked that there are so many inconsiderate people...to the person that wrote this comment (Now there are dead doves on everyone’s property around and they still did not pick up all the beer cans they left behind.) If this had of been your child or family member would you be thinking about what was left on property?? NO you would be trying to get yourself together and accept what terrible thing that has happened but yet idiots like you have no compassion for the family and post these hateful heartless things like that for them to read.. maybe you need to take your opinion and post it somewhere else other than here!!! For everyone else that is complaining or talking negative about my family you need to get into church!!! Everybody is running there mouth about things that they no nothing about! The tragedy of this will stay with the love ones forever.. Please respect that this is already hard enough for the family and friends of Jared's without you people adding more pain! RIP JW

  • Mugu Sep 8, 2010

    Wow, Fiveonfriday needs to take a vacation... I was thinking the same thing... gun nuts and PETA are going to use this to ban hunting sometime in the future.