Hundreds of eugenics victims lose initial compensation bid

Posted August 7, 2014
Updated August 8, 2014

— More than 300 people who said they were sterilized under North Carolina's erstwhile eugenics program have been denied compensation after an initial review, officials said Thursday.

Lawmakers last year set aside $10 million in the state budget to provide compensation to victims of the eugenics program, which ran between 1929 and 1974. The exact payment per victim depends on how many people qualify for compensation.

The state Office for Justice of Sterilization Victims received 780 claim forms from potential victims by the June 30 deadline and has already forwarded 565 of those to the state Industrial Commission, which handles all tort claims against the state and is responsible for determining whether a claimant is eligible for compensation.

Members of the Industrial Commission have cleared about 180 of the claims for compensation, determining that another 320 were ineligible, officials said. No initial determination has been made yet on the other 65.

Those denied compensation can supply more medical information and go through several rounds of appeals with the commission and the state Court of Appeals to try to change the ruling.

"Claims are only denied if they do not meet the statutory requirements," the commission said in a statement. "The Commission is an objective decision maker with a duty to follow the law as written."

The Office for Justice of Sterilization Victims is still processing the remaining 215 claims before sending them on to the Industrial Commission.

As many as 1,800 sterilization victims may still be alive, but as of last year, the state's efforts to find them had yielded only 176 people. Families of victims who died before June 30, 2013, aren't eligible for compensation.


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  • 50s Child Aug 11, 2014

    What was the compensation paid to the families of the "victims"? You know, the families who AGREED to this and signed the papers, but for some mysterious reason are not the ones having to pay reparations?

    WRAL, how about investigating that?

  • dollibug Aug 11, 2014

    Dealing with the NC Industrial Commission I can understand how people can be denied coverage. I was approved for workman's comp for my right hand BUT I was denied worker's compensation for my left hand. I did computer work which requires both hands...but I guess no one understands why or how both hands were affected. Sometimes common sense goes a long way or NOT.

  • Deb Rodgers Aug 11, 2014
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    I'm sure there are many false claims. Those are being weeded out. Let those that were truly harmed get some compensation. Even though, at that time, it was considered practical and appropriate. My tax dollars will continue to pay for past wrongs, but only if they are factual.

  • For the U.S.A. Aug 11, 2014

    Something for nothing!

  • A person Aug 11, 2014

    So the majority of claims filed have be fraudulent and Rev Barber wants more time so his followers can have more time to file even more fraudulent claims. Too funny

  • disgusted2010 Aug 8, 2014

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    If the government, entitlement, programs stopped there would be no need for forced sterilization. Unfortunately as long as our government rewards people for having children they don't want to grow up to prey on honest citizens the murders, rapes, robberies, car jackings, and other ills that fill the tabloid pages of WRAL will continue.

  • hiddentreasurescruecds Aug 8, 2014

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    Would you say this in public? Would you sign your name to a statement like this?

  • SouthernBornSouthernBred Aug 8, 2014

    They ought to do it for the people on Welfare.....have 2 children on Welfare and you should be sterilized!

  • ziva Aug 8, 2014

    There were many men that were also sterilized. The one that I am speaking of was neither mentally ill nor affected by the worst of hereditary problems. This was done when he was in early teens and had no choice. While I agree there are many that tried to get compensated when they were not eligible, but there are many that ARE eligible because someone other than themselves made this decision for them. No excuse for that.

  • 50s Child Aug 8, 2014

    "While I do not agree with what was done, I do understand why."

    Just yesterday - in fact, nearly every day - there's a story about a so-called "mom" beating or killing her child, or allowing her current bed partner to do so. Teghan Skiba comes to mind. I'd remind the poster that Teghan's "mom" got pregnant about a year after Teghan was murdered by the previous "fiance". Does her nonexistent "right" to keep making babies trump those babies' right to live? Or should women like her be sterilized?