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Human rights group protests in front of Wake County Jail

Posted December 13, 2008

— People attending the Southern Human Rights’ Organizers’ Conference in Durham protested the 287-G program on Saturday.

The protesters gathered in front of the Wake County Jail.

The 287-G program trains local law enforcement officers in how to determine whether people charged with crimes are in the U.S. illegally and how to file paperwork to begin deportation proceedings. It is a partnership between immigration and customs officer and local sheriff’s departments.

Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison says the program helps deputies identify illegal immigrants arrested for a crime.

Critics complain the program amounts to profiling.


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  • roadtrash Dec 17, 2008

    ifcdirector....The LEO community would like to thank you for all of your support during this past year. It's always refreshing to read the ranting tirades thrown at us in your GOLO posts. We hope Santa gives you EVERYTHING you deserve this holiday season. Did I mention that I recently let Santa off with a warning ticket? I think he owes me one.....

  • ifcdirector Dec 17, 2008

    How many illegals are getting brought in by the average local or state law enforcement officer on a daily basis in this town, county, or state and actually put into the federal system? Not many whatsoever I would imagine. The fact that their very presence is a crime doesn't seem to be enough but when an innocent tax paying citizen cannot drive without being stopped at Nazi style "checkpoints" by these same "law enforcement" Ober-ofizers but token gestures like 287-G are supposed to make the same people feel good that something might be getting done about the swirling tide of illegals around every citizen and cop when the reality is a boot heel coming down on the average rights of citizens and a disregard for their rights and liberties with a corresponding level of apathy to uphold all the real laws that are actually valid and on the books. Bank robbery is a federal crime too so why respond to a call for that right by the same logic? Incredible days we live in.

  • atozca Dec 17, 2008

    Determining who are illegal aliens to our country and deporting them is enforcing the law, not racial profiling.