How to write a love letter that will make him cry even though he told you he no longer loves you

Posted June 26

Writing a love letter to the man of your dreams may seem like a traditional and possibly outdated way to express how you feel, but written words can go a long way.

Although it's not a mainstream solution, getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper could be the best way to express yourself and reach his heart in ways the two of you never thought possible.

To help get you started, here is short checklist to make sure your love letter speaks the words you're finding hard to say.

Get off to a good start

As with any form of writing, the hardest part is putting pen to paper and creating the first sentence. Don't worry, everybody has this problem - even the most experienced writers. Just open your heart and let the words pour out.

If you still can't think of an opening line, try writing your letter in the past, present and future format. You can talk about when you first fell in love, how your sweetheart affects your daily life and how excited you are for your future together. Mention the little things only the two of you share to let him know how much you really care.

Add a Personal Touch

Joan Habley, a writer from UK Writings explains;

“We receive a ton of requests every week asking us to write love letters for women and men to show how they feel or try and win back the person of their dreams. We're able to provide the basic outline for a love letter but at the end of the day, love comes from the heart and only you two know the ins and outs of your relationship. When writing a love letter, be specific using details and by mentioning concepts that only apply to both of you”.

By using unique details in your love letter, you can remind him the two of you are special and have your own unique connection. This adds a tremendous amount of meaningfulness to your letter to make him feel appreciated and cared for.

Make It About Them

You can definitely write a letter to yourself, but save it for another day. In this case, your love letter is for your sweetheart and it's important to keep that in mind. Direct the letter for him and try to write in a style that he'll understand. At the end of the day, you probably know him better than anybody else.

If your man is meticulous but your grammar and spelling, don't fret. There are a ton of online services available such as Academized and Assignment Help that can help you edit and proofread your letter to make sure it's perfect for that special someone.

Forget Formatting

You're not writing a resume or a cover letter, so why try to format your love letter like one? Whether you're using a computer or a pen and paper, it's fine to use images, drawings or whatever you want. The whole point of this letter is to connect with the person you love and to try and explain all the thoughts racing through your mind.

Keep it personal and keep it yours. If you want to dot your 'i's' with a little heart, feel free.

That's the key to writing a love letter. Explain how you feel in the best way you can. Open up and be honest with yourself and him.


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