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How Senate voted on abortion bill

Posted July 3, 2013

House Bill 695 initially prohibited the recognition of foreign law, such as Islamic Sharia law, in family courts. But it was later amended to include various anti-abortion bills pending in the General Assembly.



State Sen. Chad Barefoot, R-18

Chad Barefoot

District 18 (Franklin, Wake)

Phone: 919-715-3036

Email: Chad.Barefoot@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Dan Blue, D-District 14

Dan Blue

District 14 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5752

Email: Dan.Blue@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Sen. Tamara Barringer, R-District 17

Tamara Barringer

District 17 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5653

Email: Tamara.Barringer@ncleg.net

Vote: Absent

State Rep. Angela R. Bryant, D-District 7

Angela R. Bryant

District 4 (Halifax, Hash, Vance, Warren, Wilson)

Phone: 919-733-5878

Email: Angela.Bryant@ncleg.net

Vote: No

Sen. Neal Hunt

Neal Hunt

District 15 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5850

Email: Neal.Hunt@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Ben Clark, D-District 21

Ben Clark

District 21 (Cumberland, Hoke)

Phone: 919-733-9349

Email: Ben.Clark@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Sen. Brent Jackson, R-District 10

Brent Jackson

District 10 (Duplin, Johnston, Sampson)

Phone: 919-733-5705

Email: Brent.Jackson@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Don Davis, D-District 5

Don Davis

District 5 (Greene, Lenoir, Pitt, Wayne)

Phone: 919-715-8363

Email: Don.Davis@ncleg.net

Vote: Absent

State Sen. Wesley Meredith, R-District 19

Wesley Meredith

District 19 (Cumberland)

Phone: 919-733-5776

Email: Wesley.Meredith@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Clark Jenkins, D-District 3

Clark Jenkins

District 3 (Bertie, Chowan, Edgecombe, Hertford, Martin, Northampton, Tyrrell, Washington)

Phone: 919-715-3040

Email: Clark.Jenkins@ncleg.net

Vote: Absent

State Sen. Buck Newton, R-District 11

E. S. (Buck) Newton

District 11 (Johnston, Nash, Wilson)

Phone: 919-715-3030

Email: Buck.Newton@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Eleanor Kinnaird, D-District 23

Eleanor Kinnaird

District 23 (Chatham, Orange)

Phone: 919-733-5804

Email: Ellie.Kinnaird@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Sen. Louis Pate, R-District 7

Louis Pate

District 7 (Lenoir, Pitt, Wayne)

Phone: 919-733-5621

Email: Louis.Pate@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Floyd B. McKissick Jr., D-District 20

Floyd B. McKissick Jr.

District 20 (Durham, Granville)

Phone: 919-733-4599

Email: Floyd.McKissick@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Sen. Ronald J. Rabin, R-District 12

Ronald J. Rabin

District 12 (Harnett, Johnston, Lee)

Phone: 919-733-5748

Email: Ron.Rabin@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Sen. Josh Stein, D-District 16

Josh Stein

District 16 (Wake)

Phone: 919-715-6400

Email: Josh.Stein@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Sen. Jerry W. Tillman, R-District 29

Jerry W. Tillman

District 29 (Moore, Randolph)

Phone: 919-733-5870

Email: Jerry.Tillman@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

Sen. Mike Woodward, D-District 22

Mike Woodard

District 22 (Caswell, Durham, Person)

Phone: 919-733-4809

Email: Mike.Woodard@ncleg.net

Vote: No