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How NC House voted on unemployment overhaul

Posted February 4, 2013

House Bill 4 would cut the maximum unemployment benefit from $535 to $350 a week, cap benefits at 20 weeks and raise taxes slightly on North Carolina employers to pay $2.5 billion owed to the federal government and build a $1 billion balance in the unemployment trust fund.



State Rep. Marilyn Avila, R-District 40

Marilyn Avila

District 40 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5530

Email: Marilyn.Avila@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Nathan Baskerville, D-District 32

Nathan Baskerville

District 32 (Granville, Vance, Warren)

Phone: 919-733-5824

Email: Nathan.Baskerville@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. John R. Bell IV, R-District 10

John R. Bell IV

District 10 (Craven, Greene, Lenoir, Wayne)

Phone: 919-715-3017

Email: John.Bell@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Larry M. Bell, D-District 21

Larry M. Bell

District 21 (Duplin, Sampson, Wayne)

Phone: 919-733-5863

Email: Larry.Bell@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. James L. Boles Jr., R-District 52

James L. Boles Jr.

District 52 (Moore)

Phone: 919-733-5903

Email: Jamie.Boles@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. William D. Brisson, D-District 22

William D. Brisson

District 22 (Bladen, Johnston, Sampson)

Phone: 919-733-5772

Email: William.Brisson@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Jeff Collins, R-District 25

Jeff Collins

District 25 (Franklin, Nash)

Phone: 919-733-5802

Email: Jeff.Collins@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Jean Farmer Butterfield, D-District 24

Jean Farmer-Butterfield

District 24 (Pitt, Wilson)

Phone: 919-733-5898

Email: Jean.Farmer-Butterfield@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. N. Leo Daughtry, R-District 26

N. Leo Daughtry

District 26 (Johnston)

Phone: 919-733-5605

Email: Leo.Daughtry@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Elmer Floyd, D-District 43

Elmer Floyd

District 43 (Cumberland)

Phone: 919-733-5959

Email: Elmer.Floyd@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-District 4

Jimmy Dixon

District 4 (Duplin, Wayne)

Phone: 919-715-3021

Email: Jimmy.Dixon@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Valerie P. Foushee, D-District 50

Valerie P. Foushee

District 50 (Durham, Orange)

Phone: 919-715-3019

Email: Valerie.Foushee@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-District 36

Nelson Dollar

District 36 (Wake)

Phone: 919-715-0795

Email: Nelson.Dollar@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Rosa U. Gill, D-District 33

Rosa U. Gill

District 33 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5880

Email: Rosa.Gill@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Jim Fulghum, R-District 49

Jim Fulghum

District 49 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5860

Email: Jim.Fulghum@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Rick Glazier, D-District 44

Rick Glazier

District 44 (Cumberland)

Phone: 919-733-5601

Email: Rick.Glazier@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. James H. Langdon Jr., R-District 28

James. H. Langdon Jr.

District 28 (Johnston)

Phone: 919-733-5849

Email: James.Langdon@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Ken Goodman, D-District 66

Ken Goodman

District 66 (Hoke, Montgomery, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland)

Phone: 919-733-5823

Email: Ken.Goodman@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep David Lewis

David Lewis

District 53 (Harnett)

Phone: 919-715-3015

Email: David.Lewis@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Duane Hall, D-District 11

Duane Hall

District 11 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5755

Email: Duane.Hall@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Chris Malone, R-District 35

Chris Malone

District 35 (Wake)

Phone: 919-715-3010

Email: Chris.Malone@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Larry Hall, D-District 29

Larry D. Hall

District 29 (Durham)

Phone: 919-733-5872

Email: Larry.Hall@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Susan Martin, R-District 8

Susan Martin

District 8 (Pitt, Wilson)

Phone: 919-715-3023

Email: Susan.Martin@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley, D-District 38

Yvonne Lewis Holley

District 38 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5758

Email: Yvonne.Holley@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Allen McNeill, R-District 78

Allen McNeill

District 78 (Moore, Randolph)

Phone: 919-715-4946

Email: Allen.McNeill@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Verla Insko, D-District 56

Verla Insko

District 56 (Orange)

Phone: 919-733-7208

Email: Verla.Insko@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Tom Murry, R-District 41

Tom Murry

District 41 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5602

Email: Tom.Murry@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Darren G. Jackson, D-District 39

Darren G. Jackson

District 39 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5974

Email: Darren.Jackson@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Paul Stam, R-District 37

Paul Stam

District 37 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-2962

Email: Paul.Stam@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Marvin W. Lucas, D-District 42

Marvin W. Lucas

District 42 (Cumberland)

Phone: 919-733-5775

Email: Marvin.Lucas@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. Mike Stone, R-District 51

Mike C. Stone

District 51 (Harnett, Lee)

Phone: 919-715-3026

Email: Michael.Stone@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Paul Luebke, D-District 30

Paul Luebke

District 30 (Durham)

Phone: 919-733-7663

Email: Paul.Luebke@ncleg.net

Vote: No

State Rep. John Szoka, R-District 45

John Szoka

District 45 (Cumberland)

Phone: 919-733-9892

Email: John.Szoka@ncleg.net

Vote: Yes

State Rep. Deb McManus, D-District 54

Deb McManus

District 54 (Chatham, Lee)

Phone: 919-733-0057

Email: Deb.McManus@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. Mickey Michaux Jr., D-District 31

Henry M. Michaux Jr.

District 31 (Durham)

Phone: 919-715-2528

Email: Mickey.Michaux@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. Garland E. Pierce, D-District 48

Garland Pierce

District 48 (Hoke, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland)

Phone: 919-733-5803

Email: Garland.Pierce@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep Bobbie Richardson, D-District 7

Bobbie Richardson

District 7 (Franklin, Nash)

Phone: 919-715-3032

Email: Bobbie.Richardson@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. Deborah Ross, D-District 34

Deborah K. Ross

District 34 (Wake)

Phone: 919-733-5773

Email: Deborah.Ross@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. Joe P. Tolson, D-District 23

Joe P. Tolson

District 23 (Edgecombe, Martin)

Phone: 919-715-3024

Email: Joe.Tolson@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. W. A. Winkie Wilkins, D-District 2

W.A. (Winkie) Wilkins

District 2 (Granville, Person)

Phone: 919-715-0850

Email: Winkie.Wilkins@ncleg.net

Vote: No


State Rep. Michael H. Wray, D-District 27

Michael H. Wray

District 27 (Halifax, Northampton)

Phone: 919-733-5662

Email: Michael.Wray@ncleg.net

Vote: No