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Why is childcare so expensive? WRAL investigates Tuesday

Posted October 2

— How much are you paying for child care?

According to WRAL's Go Ask Mom editor Sarah Lindenfeld Hall, if you're a North Carolina mom or dad who feels like they're spending too much cash, you're not alone.

"Parents are supposed to spend 10 percent of their income on childcare, but, in fact they're spending 30 percent," said Hall. "That's an incredible amount -- it's more than some people's mortgages. When I think about spending that much as a mother, I can't help thinking about everything else I could have spent that money on, like saving it for house repairs or family vacations. Of course I needed it, but it's such an exorbitant amount of a family's budget."

Childcare is expensive! Here are the numbers

The data on the cost of child care around our state is stunning. On average, parents are spending $9,600 a year on daycare.

Mikaya Thurmond: 'My jaw dropped' when I saw these childcare statistics

"That's more than the average cost of instate tuition," said Hall. "I realized that it would probably cost less to send my daughter to school at UNC."

This is only the beginning of the conversation. On Tuesday at 6:30 a.m., WRAL will go beyond the numbers to find out why childcare costs may continue to rise in the coming years.


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  • Jim Frei Oct 2, 2:01 p.m.
    user avatar

    Don't birth no babies if you can't afford 'em. I made the choice a long time ago - no kids. Meanwhile, I drive a 2 year old BMW 535i, my other vehicle is an F-250 that I use to tow my powerboats (yes, that's plural), and I take vacations every year to the Caribbean. I drink expensive whiskey, smoke fine cigars, and date beautiful women. Never paid for childcare, never changed a diaper. Life is grand!

  • Wayne Hill Oct 2, 10:47 a.m.
    user avatar

    To answer your headline, "government regulations." If you cannot afford children do not have them, and expect someone else to fund their raising.