How long will you live?

Posted November 18, 2013
Updated November 19, 2013

So, what is the #1 predictor in how long you'll live? When I surveyed the WRAL Newsroom with this question and none of them knew the answer, I knew this was a story we needed to put on TV.

How long will I live? It's a practical and philosophical question that we all ask ourselves at one time or another.

As a doctor and medical reporter, I tell my patients and viewers to know their numbers: blood pressure (ideally 120/80) or less, total cholesterol (less than 200 with a LDL less than 100), triglycerides (less than 150), blood sugar (less than 100 mg% fasting), and PSA (less than 4).

The answer to how long you'll live, though, is revealed by additionally looking at a different set of numbers.

Take the poll below and let us know what you think is the best predictor of a long life:

Best predictor of how long you will live

Apart from your current age, what do you think is the best predictor of how long you will live?

The health of your heart
Your blood cholesterol levels
Your weight
The health of your kidneys
Your blood sugar levels
The health of your liver
Your family history

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I first learned the answer at a health and wellness conference, where I shared the stage with a Duke physician and a Raleigh neurologist. To learn more, I reviewed the medical journal that explored the medical disorder that every patient should discuss with his or her doctor on a regular basis.

How long will you live? How long will you live?

I'll reveal the answer to longevity on WRAL News, Wednesday at 5:30. We'll also talk about several over-the-counter drugs you may be over-taking that could decrease your life expectancy. I hope you'll join me for a discussion that will likely help prolong the life of you and your family.


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