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House Votes to Give Lumbees Federal Recognition

Posted June 7, 2007

— The U.S. House of Representatives voted 256-128 Thursday afternoon to grant federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

"Today's vote was one for fairness, justice and long overdue recognition for the Lumbee Indians," 7th District Congressman Mike McIntyre said in a statement. "For over 119 years, the Lumbees have been seeking the rightful designation, and today the House has helped the tribe move forward in this effort. It is quite significant that two-thirds of the House supported our efforts."

The bill now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration.

If the bill passes the Senate, the Lumbees could receive more than $400 million in federal money.


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  • Tatedutawin Jun 9, 2007

    About time! These comments regarding poverty in the non-Indian community are true - SO -Let these non-Indian people, who elected their own politicians, go to their own kind for a remedy! Guess they wont get too far! Greed rules. If you want to see real poverty go to any reservation on the North American continent and experience what its like. As an American Indian I can say without reserve - WE ARE THE FIRST PEOPLE OF AMERICA, all the rest are from other places. Our lands, culture and dignity have been stolen - in the past and to the present day. The Lumbee deserve Federal recognition and anything of a positive nature that it can give back to them. Having Federal recognition does not make anyone of us 'more' Indian. Just allows the laws of the wasicun(s) to give us a chance to retrive that which has been stolen. There are times when the Gov. laws backfire!!! CONGRATS TO ALL LUMBEES! and especially to Jimmy Boy Dial who has never been afraid to stand up and be counted!! AHO!

  • -info- Jun 8, 2007

    and I can(long-hair cherokee)pearl river Mississippi by way of Quandra Bound
    my quote is their statement...when governmewnt says consideration that means what??? and you have enough discourse within your own lands...dont need to look further..is that blunt enough for you Locklear,redwolf,nina..have seen nothing from government that didnt come with instructions on string attachments.......

  • shadowwalker Jun 8, 2007

    Trust me, I strongly agree with that. Since you care so much about other people as well, Why don't you go out and fight for them like I am for my people?

  • Wake1 Jun 8, 2007

    The what about other poverty stricken areas in this country? What about all the homeless & hungry? Why should we not give them all enough money as well?

  • shadowwalker Jun 8, 2007

    It will be spent on everyone. Some of our people, I agree have succeeded in not haveing to have a hand out; but there are alot of my people who are living in poverty. It would be for schools, health care, homes built for the poverty level people, and everything that our people need to intially survive. It is not looking for a handout it is looking for a hand up. Noone trully knows or understands the extent of poverty,having alot of violence,commiting crimes to survive, or turning on one another; because they feel that there is no more love in the world. Unless they have been there themselves.

  • Wake1 Jun 8, 2007

    What will this money be spent on? What exactly is it for?

  • shadowwalker Jun 8, 2007

    Technically, During fight our people has never asked for federal recognition to open a casino. That is just like one of the many excuses to not grant us the federal recognition.I analyze every detail when it comes down to us receiving the federal funding. They love yo holler, that it is because we are a mixed-heritage. Well guess what, everyone is some where down the line. They just hate to dish out all the money taht they owe us. Now, dig deeper in your bag tricks and come at us a little better than that. We are far from being slow.

  • Mr 911 Jun 8, 2007


  • meadowdreamr Jun 8, 2007

    ndn blood is ndn blood! Congratulations Lumbee, this is long overdue!

  • redwolf28386 Jun 8, 2007

    dhperez0-lets say it will be considered.the end.......-Whats that supposed to mean??
    dhperez0 -there is no documented history of a Lumbee tribe- You need to recheck your history books, Lumbees ARE documented, they just were not called Lumbees throughout their history, they have gone through at least 3 government mandated name changes.
    dhperez0 -portegese -(sic) spell check please

    who_cares- there will be no new casino's, the Lumbees have said from the start of their quest for recognition that they didn't want anything to do with a casino